June 2013 Favorites: Scents Obsession!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Hello my favorite people! ^^

This is my first "favorites" post :) *happy dance* I'm excited to share my June 2013 favorites because they have made me so happy. If me sharing my favorites might caught your interest in trying them out, I know I'll be super happy that I was able to share the happiness xD Spread the love people *wink wink*

So, the last month I have been obsessed with anything smelling good, I still do actually haha. Anything from shower gels to perfumes, if it smells good, Imma put it on ma body and smell myself the whole day LOL! Weird right? But It kinda helps with keeping myself relaxed, since it was a stressful month ^^

Moving on! Here are my June 2013 favorites :D

My scents obsession! :D

1. Silkygirl Roll-on Perfume Concentrate in "Overtime"
This lil bad boy has been around with me snuggling in my purse especially if I know I'll have a long day. It has a sweet smell and it is very concentrated, so a lil goes a long way. If ever I feel the need to reapply perfume I'll just roll it on my wrist and neck and I'll be ready to carry on the day. Plus I think the name "Overtime" is very suitable :D

2. Elianto Nutri Remedy Nourishing Hand Cream in Melon
It is not the most creamiest of hand cream but that's why I like it. It's not too think and I don't need to apply much to make my hands feel moisturised. It absorbs quiet fast (just don't put too much haha) and it does not have that greasy feeling. I think it's perfect to just throw in your purse for a quick pick-me-up for you hands. And it smells so good. I keep smelling my hands after applying it haha.

3. Nature's Lab Antioxidant Body Scrub
I mentioned this on my Mivva May Box. It smells just like ice lemon tea and it feels so good and relaxing using it in the shower. Nothing special about the scrub itself, it works like a scrub should. I just really love the smell! Since it's just a small bottle, I'm restraining myself from overusing so I can keep it longer.

4. Elianto Natural Therapy Shower Gel in "Cucumber & Melon" and "Camelia & Jasmine"
I put 2 in 1 because I alternate between these two depending on what my mood is and I just couldn't decide which one I like the most. It's so relaxing and I spend the extra time in the shower just to let the scent really really soak into my body. It's the one thing I'm always looking forward to at the end of the day. It also puts me in a good mood to sleep :) 

5. Essence Circus Circus Eau De Toilette
This one caught my eye because of the packaging. I've always wanted those kind of perfumes with the vintage squeeze pump design. Thank goodness it smells good too! Otherwise I wouldn't have bought it haha. The smell is sweet and girly in my opinion. Every time I spray it on I feel so fancy haha xD

So there you go ^^ Hope you guys enjoyed my first favorite post! Until next time :)

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  1. Have you tried Illy? If not you should! I think it's around RM 35 ++ :D


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