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Monday, July 15, 2013

Hi everyone!

Last week I was invited to attend a local skin care brand launch called Neesya at Swensen Subang Parade. I heard about the brand a few weeks before and I thought it was a Singaporean brand. During the launched I found that it was actually a Malaysian brand. Sweet :) I'd love to see our country strive in such industry ;)

Neesya is own by a Malaysian company called Skinworkz Sdn Bhd. They are one of Malaysian's first skin care radiance specialist brand that promises to help users achieve a new degree of skin clarity, skin tone and radiance.

CEO of Skinworkz Sdn Bhd, Chris Yong

The CEO of Skinworkz Sdn Bhd and the person behind Neesya is Chris Yong. During the presentation, I can tell how passionate he was about his work in bringing a more affordable products yet providing exclusivity in terms of service and quality as well.

You must be wondering what Neesya means or stands for. Well, Neesya actually means "Butterfly" in Greek. Somehow I have a soft spot for anything butterflies ;) I think they are a beautiful creatures and I think it suits the concept that they are bringing forward.

Neesya = Butterfly
Neesya is not only a skin care range, they are also a Skin Illumination Specialist. I've never thought there would be such thing but it is what the brand is concentrating on so I don't know why am I so surprised ^^ (still a newbie after all haha)

Neesya is using a 360 degree approach on skincare with their LumiScience°TM Technology that helps skin achieve a diamond-like shine and translucency. This reminds me of Rihanna's song "Shine Bring like a Diamond" :D

With this approach, the products carries 3 main functions; Brightens, Protects & Renew.

Neesya skincare consists of 3 ranges; Signature Range, Core Range & Ancillary Range. There are 11 products in total so far, 10 were introduced during the launch while one which is the Brightening Cleansing Milk will be available a little later.

I asked if the products are suitable for sensitive skin, since it claims to be suitable for all skin type, regardless of age or lifestyle. The answer is yes and no. YES, if your skin isn't too sensitive and NO if your skin is very sensitive. They also said that products for specific skin types will be launched in the future. Something I'd keep an eye out ^^

11 Products launched so far

The Signature Range is a very interesting combination, each holds a great significance in our daily skincare regime, in my opinion ;) There are the Illuminating Essence, Hydrating Serum & Brightening Eye Contour Gel.

Neesya Signature Range

Demo on Cik Lily Putih's hand
After the presentation, they did a demo on one of the blogger's hands (Miss Cik Lily Putih) using the Overnight Radiance Kit that consists of Brightening Enzymatic Refiner, Illuminating Essence and Brightening Overnight Mask. The rest of us tried on the products as well :) Which we also get to bring home with us ^^

Overnight Radiance Kit

I must say, the first thing I noticed and like about the whole Overnight Radiance Kit is the smell. It smelled luxurious to me, it makes me think of a luxurious spa center haha :D

The photo of my hand is not edited and taken with flash 
The photo of my hand is not edited and taken with flash
The photo of my hand is not edited and taken with flash
Oh did I mention that Neesya products are quiet affordable, check out the price list :D

It was a good first impression and I can't wait to share a review on it ^^ After that we were served a delicious chocolate dessert of our choice :D

After the desert, we were escorted to the first Neesya outlet at Subang Parade.

Raya promotion!

Here's some photo of the bloggers of the day ^^

Me, Sharon, Kay & Chency
I only recognise Cik Lily Putih and Sabby, sorry didn't have the chance to mingle with everyone >.<
Pls lemme know on the comment!
Fiona & Sabrina 
Sabby, Cik Lily Putih & Me 
Sharon, Sabby, Cynthia, Me & Chency
Me & Fiona :) So happy to finally get to meet her xD

I had a lovely time and I'm enjoying the Overnight Radiance Kit at the moment :D The staff at the outlet is very friendly. I do recommend anyone to stop by the outlet at Subang Parade if you have the chance.

If you want more information you can like Neesya facebook page and take a look at their website :)

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