Did someone say Massage Party??? The Butterfly Project Massage Party Entry :D

Monday, July 01, 2013

Hi Everyone!

I am finally FREEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~!!!!!!!

My semester is over! *party dance* and what better way to celebrate than to relax and unwind with my friends at a MASSAGE PARTY! That's right! Another awesome event by The Butterfly Project :D

So here is my video entry :P

July theme is relaxation. Just thinking about it makes me feel relaxed already ^^) So, who are the collaborators this time? Lets take a look!

Photo courtesy of amante

Decorations by Ask Joey for Tammy-san 5 year Blog anniversary :D

Photo courtesy of Photobooth Malaysia
So, why do I need a massage? Here's a summary of the reasons I have listed in the video ^^

1) I rarely get a massage
It's a luxury I can't always afford
2) I do think I should get it as often lol
Because I know I'm easily stressed out
3) On those rare occasions that I do get one 
Usually my mom would call the masseur over to our how, instead of going to the massage place. It would be nice to go the a real body care centre and experience the relax atmosphere :)
4) None of my friends knows how to give a massage 
I give massages to my friends but none of them know how to give a massage. It's an excruciating pain when they do lol

I just had the most amazing time at The Butterfly Project Spa Party! And I can't wait for this Massage Party! Good Luck everyone and hope to see you there! ^^

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  1. i submitted my entry for this massage party too! good luck ya, hope that we can meet and know each other soon ^_^

  2. @Sherry, Thank you, hope to see you there! :D

    @Mieza, Yea! hopefully, I just noticed though that i'm not very good at recognizing bloggers in real life, hopefully I can recognize you ^^

  3. Like your video...So fun & quirky...
    I'm sure you will win an invite for a professional massage without those hawk claws massaging on your shoulders...Hehehe...

  4. @Nadia, Thanks! I'm happy you enjoyed my video ^^ I like your post too! The cartoon is soo cute! hehe. Maybe we can see each other there! :D


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