My SPARTY Experience with The Butterfly Project!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hi Everyone!

The long awaited post is here! Yes it's the post about my experience with The Butterfly Project at the SPARTY!!! xD Before scrolling down, why not enjoy this video I made of the event ;)

Ok, let me share my experience at the spa party :)

Posh! Nail Spa at Lorong Dato Sulaiman 7, Taman Tun Dr Ismail 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Honestly I came late that day because my friend got married the same morning. So it was kinda a hectic day, and I feel like everything went by too quickly. But I still manage to try out all the booth and had a lot of fun there, though not crazy fun, at least not till the end haha :P

When I got there I already missed the Pink N Proper fashion show, hence, no video of it :( I also missed Ayna performance! *so sad* I got the footage of Ayna performance from Tammy.

Everyone was already lining up for their turn for a massage, facial, mani pedi. I was a bit blur blur, dunno what to do. I wanted to take photos and record my video but at the same time want to stay in line for everything! LOL and I was told I only had an hour and a half or so to do everything! X.X My mind was racing but at the same time I kept telling myself to stay calm and enjoy the party. And then I got scared that I didn't have much time so I panicked again. LOL

I received this "tickets" for everyone there to redeem at the booths. It was very cute! We had booth for facial/massage, manicure, pedicure and redeem a free mask. The first thing I noticed when I walked into the place is that the decoration is exactly like the mood board! (you can view it here) I though the mood board was just an inspiration. I had no idea that was what they were aiming for. It was all very pretty, I love it, it made me felt so girly haha. I think Tres Chic Party Planner did a wonderful job! I felt like I fell down a rabbit hole into a Girlyland hehe.

I also saw all these goodie bags, filled with awesome prizes. The way they were displayed was so tempting! All you can do was just drool over them while wishing you might just be the lucky one to take some of those babies home.

All of those goodie bags! Makes me want to stop time and take everything! xD 
Cute right? The tickets to redeem at booth have the same print :) 

The wall of collaborators! This event would not have happen without you, Arigato!

There were so many bloggers there and I didn't recognize them, they also didn't recognize me haha, so I was extra shy that day coz I came late, so sorry I didn't introduce myself or tegur2 orang, but I managed to get to know a few new blogger friends :) I saw everyone was rushing all over the place and honestly I was a little scared if I joined in the "rush" a cat fight would break out LOL. It's just something you'd know, like when you feel if one wrong move was made, we better find shelter haha xD So, I just tried to not get in anybody's way and try to selit2 masuk as quietly and politely as possible lol.

Even when I tried to slowly take my time it still felt like a race! Going from one booth to another, chop2 tempat haha. The first thing I did was getting a pedicure. It was such a nice feeling, and I have to salute the girls at Posh! Nail Spa, they were fast but efficient. I heard a few bloggers made several request about the nail color and such but I didn't hear the girls working there complaining about it at all. The girl who was doing my pedicure was nice and friendly. I had a blister at my feet and she was careful not to exfoliate over the area. Other wise people from a 10 mile radius would have heard me scream xD

While waiting for my turn to get a massage, I did a DIY bath salt with Ayna, one of the SWAT team for The Butterfly Project. I don't have a bathtub, but one day when I do, I will remember this, because it was quite easy to make :) All you need is just salt, food coloring, lavender oil essence and some dried lemon grass. It was simple but fun, very suitable for the occasion ^^

After that, I got my head and shoulder massage (after being in the waiting list for an hour! Becoz there were so many people >.<) at Aspen, just above Posh! Nail Spa. You had a choice for a facial or massage, and I choose massage, because I needed it more haha. It was a very nice experience. The masseuse was friendly. the massage was so relaxing. When it was over I was like "no, don't stop" haha. But I still came out of the room looking and feeling all high haha, so did everyone else :P

I found myself waiting in line again for manicure, while I was waiting, I snack to the food provided by Good Friends Cafe. There were not much food left :( but I got to try the mini burgers and macaroons and they were delicious! I also managed to slip in a little photo shoot session with my friends with fotobox :D

I want to bring that fotobox home lol
Nurizatti, Trislynn Chan, Cik Lily Putih
Sabrina Tajuddin
Around 5 or so, they are announcing the winners for the fashion show, instagram contest and lucky draw. I was sitting so far back I couldn't take pictures or record properly. but it was ok, I was enjoying everything anyway :) Even watching everybody having fun made me smile ^^ I was lucky to be one of the winners of the lucky draw and got a Maybeline Lipstick from OnlyBeauty :) Yes! I welcome anything makeup to add to my collection haha.

Won in a lucky draw wohoo!
This very lucky pretty lady, Aida won the instagram contest and received the full size of Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo!
After that, we had some time for last minute mani pedi and the organizers which were Tammy, Illy (another awesome SWAT team) and Anya, finally got their chance to enjoy the activity. And I got to finally redeem my free mask from TT Masks and finish it with a manicure :)

Here are some bloggers of the day :)

Wiida & Sabrina Tajuddin
Wiida Aida
Sabby, Me & Sabrina Tajuddin
Left; (top) Angeline, (bottom) Illy.
Right; (top) 
Sabrina Tajuddin, (middle) Tania, IsabelSenri Ning , (bottom) Li Chuen & Caroline
Me, Angeline & Tammy
Towards the end, a lot of bloggers already went back, so the rest of us their took the chance to go crazy lol xD Oh, all though out the event, once in a while I would notice this cute little person walking around the place all perky and happy and looking very cute in her tiny bathrobe. I found out later that her name is Yuri and she is the daughter of Posh!Nail Spa's owner ^^

Cute Yuri
It was such a nice event, very suitable for an all girls party haha. On my way out I got a goodie bag with very awesome stuff in it :D

The Maybeline lipstick is from the lucky draw. At the party, they had a buy one free one promotion on TT Mask, and of course I jumped at the counter when I heard it lol xD I got to redeem one mask and I bought 2 and got 2 for free ^^ I also bought Tammy's special homemade chocolate lip scrub which smells and taste amazing! the rest of the products are from the goodie bag, which I think is pretty awesome :D

Overall, it was an amazing party, very well organized and I thank the Butterfly Project for taking all their time and effort to pull this off for us. They are after all an independent community, and they don't get anything back in return for all of this. So thank you very much for this lovely event. I can't wait for the future events to come :)

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  1. OMG the goodie bag is to die for!! I so wanted to try the food from Good Friends Cafe, party food always looks good but the taste is, bleh.

    You still managed to squeeze in a lot! Must have been the adrenaline rush, haha.

  2. @Sabrina, Haha it was such a blur and went by so quickly, but I had a lot of fun :D Hope to see you in another Butterfly event! Really miss you <3

  3. Sabrina: ya lor party food is bleh...
    Farisha: Nice video!

  4. LÑooks like you have a lot of fun!
    Cute pics!
    Now I´m following you in GFC and Bloglovin´
    I hope your follow me back in both!

  5. Hi Sakuranko, I've already followed you via GFC, and I just followed in bloglovin' Thanks for following my blog dear :) Hope you can like My FB page too I've liked yours too ^^


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