A New Found Love! My Havaianas Experience :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hi Everyone!

In conjunction with The Butterfly Project SPARTY, Havaianas gave 10 lucky bloggers a pair of their slim flip flops, and I am so happy to be one of the lucky winners! *faints*

Although I haven't had a good experience with flip flops, I was still very excited about this. So let me share my experience getting my pair of slim flip flops and wearing them so far :)

If you guys are lazy to read, why not just watch my video about it ^^

So I'll just summaries what I have said in the video.

My experience at Havaianas boutique at Pavilion.

Havaianas, Pavilion

Creative decoration!
I was in the midst of my finals and I completely forgot to check if I required a permission to record a video there. The SA didn't allow me to and I felt terrible that I would miss such a minor detail about this. But what can you do. I took advantage to take lots and I mean LOTS of photos haha. Until the SA said that's enough lol. But it's ok, I understand, I don't want to get them into trouble.

So the SA that helped me picked out my pair of Havaianas flip flop name is Kem Seng. He was very nice even though I'm not actually paying for the flip flops. He showed me the Slim range that I get to picked. I was hoping for a teal color but it wasn't available. I actually tried all the colors there! lol and he was very patient with me and answered all my questions.

The evolution of Havaianas and the Slim range
I really want to know what is so special about Havaianas, other than the obvious beautiful designs. He said that customers claims to use the flip flops from Havaianas the longest for about one and a half to two years. I was like @.@ ??? Are you serious?! I change my sandals every semester, if I'm lucky my sandals can last that long haha. This I want to see! But obviously I cant wait two years to write a review about it! xD

I was torn between Sand Grey and Pink. I read a lot of bloggers bought Sand Grey and I can see why! It's very elegant in my opinion. But in the end I choose Pink. I don't really care if it doesn't match any outfit, I'm wearing them nonetheless haha.

Very Girly, I like! Hehe
Despite the price range, Kem Seng said that Havaianas is very popular and not hard to sell. The price ranges from RM 59.90 to RM 500 and above. WOW. After seeing the Special Collection I was like "no wonder..." But it's still very expensive to me. The bling bling and crystal was so beautiful. The thing that was always in my mind and still is, if I bought them, wear them and looses the crystal I would cry tears of blood LOL.

It was a nice experience picking out my flip flops and thank you Kem Seng for being very helpful :)

My Havaianas Slim Flip Flop Review

After wearing them for like a month or so, I am definitely in love with them! I wear them all the time now, I'm not even looking at other sandals haha. It is very comfortable. Even when I wear them the whole day, my toes does feel sore but no blisters what so ever. Sayonara blisters! And they are not slippery at all! Well I haven't tried skiing with them lol but so far when I wear them during the rain I haven't slipped once. I tend to slip a lot before even with new sandals, now no more!

One thing that bugs me a little is that it gets dirty easily. But I didn't want to choose such a common color like black. I haven't tried washing them though, hope it will look good as new ^^

Overall I can see myself in a very long relationship with my pair of Havaianas flip flops. Thank you The Butterfly Project and Havaianas for this amazing opportunity and experience. Because of you I have found a new love :D

Follow Havaianas Malaysia at Twitter: https://twitter.com/MYHavaianas
And check out their website: http://en-my.havaianas.com/en-MY/home/

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  1. You chose the perfect color!! And yeah, just like me - I wear my pink shoes every single day no matter what color my outfit is. Every day! Like look, my feet are happy in its home. Why should my clothes care? Hahaha

  2. Hye! I was a the Spa Party too. And I watched your youtube video about Havaianas, and what you said was all true!

  3. @Sabrina, Yes! If we love it, we should just wear it right? Nobody is gonna stop us xD

    @Mira, There were so many ppl there, too bad we didnt get a chance to really get to know each other, next time I hope! Thanks for watching dear, and I'm glad I found a new awesome blog to follow :D

  4. I just loveee the way you speak!Hahahha!:)
    Such a cool shop they have there!:)

  5. @Fynna, thank you dear! And thanks for following! I followed back :D


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