Beanie Birthday Bash Experience! 5th Year Blogaversary :D

Friday, July 05, 2013

Hi everyone!

I was lucky enough to be invited to Tammy's 5th Year Blogaversary! So is 5 years old now ^^ And to celebrate, Tammy booked the entire Beanieplex hall at TGV 1 Utama to watch Man of Steel with her readers :D Isn't that awesome?!

Photo from

Photo from TGV Cinemas
I was actually thinking about making a video about the event but I decided not to since it was at a cinema and I don't think I had the permission for that. I was also a bit scared taking pictures inside the hall itself. Better be safe than sorry >.<

Each of us who got the invites can bring someone along :D So I invited my friend ^^

Red and Blue dress code! And Superman inspired eye makeup!
So, how was the experience watching a movie on the bean bag? Well, I was a little late that day but still manage to arrive before the movie starts haha, so my friend and I had no choice but to sit at the very front. But because the bean bag can be "adjusted" it wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. I don't prefer it but at least I didn't walk out of the hall with a stiff neck! Plus, having a great movie to watch, didn't make sitting in front that big of a deal ^^ The type of bean bag in the hall is very suitable in air conditioned room, it felt so cool and comfortable. I feel like I can seriously sleep there all I'm missing is just a blanket xD

[SPOILER ALERT] What I thought of the movie? Well, I didn't know what to expect but in my opinion it is the best Superman movie ever made. The plot and challenges faced by the hero seems more realistic, no more dodging around and being beaten by a kryptonite rock. It reveals the origins of the hero and how society would realistically react knowing there is someone with that measure of power living on Earth, not the typical "Oh we have a savior! Let he handle all of our problems! Help us Superman". So, overall I am impressed and I can't wait for the sequel!

The other thing that caught my interest (other than the unique bean bag chairs) are the decorations and candy treats by Ask Joey The Sweetest Party Planner. Check this out!

My favorite deco is the Action Board! I thought it was very creative and it appeals to the director in me!

Tammy's homemade Lip Scrub! It's edible and very yummy xD
This is the problem writing a blog post or edit pictures about sugary treats, I'm always hungry looking at them! At the very least I will drool lol. Caught your eyes yet? ;D Even though, they are ordinary cookies, jelly beans and cupcakes, the deco made them look super delicious. It really fits the theme of "Superman". I think Ask Joey did a really good job! They made the treats look like super treats, I feel like I will have super powers consuming them haha xD I know I feel all pump up with excitement just looking at them. Here's the overall decoration.

After the movie, we all gathered outside and started the party and wishing Happy Birthday to plusizekitten :D

The cake was delicious. I think every one was so happy and high with sugar haha. There was also the best dress contest. I really didn't think anyone would dress up as superman but I was wrong! haha. Here are the 3 winners :D

Sherry and her super cute son!
The lovely Chency :)
And last but not least the super Choypengism. Photo from her blog ^^
They all won Olay hampers! So jealous >.< hehe. Congratulations girls! With those outfits you super girls deserve to win! :D And here are some extra photos of the event ^^

Cute Sabby and me :D 
Blog Birthday Gurl Tammy and me ^^
Me and Sweet Illy :D

Lol the one hiding her face behind the Kryptonite photo prop is Ask Joey :D
It was such an exciting event. Really fun and I had a good time :) Thanks Tammy for the invites again and thank you to TGV Cinemas and Ask Joey for making the party a success :D

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  1. wow those are awesome pics you got there!!!!!!! I WAN THEM!!! mine so..cacat..coz my flash sudah rosak ages ago... for no reason it won't pop out =_= neh......

    thank you nala for coming to my superman beanieplex birthday bash... although u lambat & curi my seats hahahha... (Seriously no idea who the 4 aliens were?! took my guests's seats).

  2. nice post babe :) love your comic styled picture haha

  3. @Tammy, You can take ask mush as you want Tammy-san haha. Thought you have your beloved Samsung Galaxy camera hehe.

    OMG!! I thought when you said they crashed your party i ingat they just datang curi2 makan, i didnt know they actually came in the hall and watched the whole thing! O.O is that why when I said it was a nice experience seating on the bean bag you said "really? i should try it"?? I was blur2 a bit haha. But that is so rude man >.<

  4. @Illy, thanks! I'm happy you enjoyed it xD

  5. Hahaha I can't believe someone actually crashed the party? LOL! Best sangat la tu, they cannot resist :P

    Nice pics Farisha! Even in low light!

  6. @Sabrina, Thanks ^^ I was worried about the flash coz sometimes it doesn't look good, but I think the black background helped :D

    Yea, I can't believe it too! Dunno if they are blur2 thinking it's open or really cunning haha

  7. Hi, nice post.
    I enjoyed the movie party too!!!
    Your pictures are so pretty and alive...Mine so blurry and dull...

  8. @Nadia, Thank you :) I really think the black background help, otherwise the flash would ruin the pictures haha. I actually like your photos in the cinema, really reminded me of the event and how relaxed it was ^^


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