Am I in Mask Heaven? My Beauty Diary Eye Mask Launch

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hi Everyone!

If you are a mask freak (or more specifically My Beauty Diary fans) then you are gonna love this! Today (yes this afternoon, I am surprise I'm super rajin putting up the post on the same day as the event, well technically it's not tomorrow unless I wake up haha) they launched a new line of Eye Masks at Fahrenheit 88. I was so happy to be invited, I can't say no to mask :3

I love the deco <3

Those fruits are actually real! haha
So, they just released their new line of Eye Mask. At first I thought it would be normal shaped eye masks, but these are really interesting, especially the shape and packaging!

There are 3 My Beauty Diary Intensive Care Eye Masks which are for 1) Puffiness 2) Dark Circles & 3) Smoothness. All three of them contains vitamins and plant extracts.

My Beauty Diary Intensive Care Eye Masks "Puffiness"

My Beauty Diary Intensive Care Eye Masks "Dark Circles"

My Beauty Diary Intensive Care Eye Masks "Smoothness"

All of the eye masks have different shapes which are very interesting! All of My Beauty Diary masks including the eye masks are made out of multi-layered silk cotton which will not dry out your skin's moisture if you leave it on for too long like regular tissue sheet masks. Perfect for me coz I tend to leave my mask on for longer than recommended time xD

Very cute right?! xD
Bloggers of the day :) Fishiee, Angeline, Chency, Kelly & Sheirly
I am a big fan of Kelly from SunshineKelly. I never thought I'd see her at this simple event ^^ also, very happy to meet my friends, Angeline, Chency, Fishiee, Emily (forgot to take photos together huhu) and make new friends too like Sheirly :D

Happy with masks! haha
The whole event was quick and simple. They explained the products, had a quiz and some light refreshments.

These are the masks we got from our goodie bag! :D

OMG can't wait to try them all!
And I did a little shopping of my own haha :P

I bought the Cupid's Love Limited Collection pack for only RM 25 !!! The original price was RM 59.90. And it comes with a free handbag hanging chain too! On top of that I got 3 extra Southern France Apricot mask. That is a great deal if you ask me! :D

I also won these from their quiz. Arigato!

Hydrangea Mask & Blooming Garden body lotion
Overall it was a good day ;D

[GOOD NEWS] if you are very interested to get your hands on My Beauty Diary Masks, their booth here at Fahrenheit 88 will be there till 16th of July (that's this Tuesday!) So hurry there to enjoy the promotions they are having!

My Beauty Diary booth at Fahrenheit 88, ground floor 

Don't miss out on this opportunity ;) Thank you for reading ^^

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