Tea Party with Ms Rosy at Angelic Tea & Scones House

Monday, October 07, 2013

Hi Everyone!

A while back, I had the pleasure of sipping tea with a very fair lady. Ever since her named was mentioned to me I've been seeing her everywhere, wondering to myself who is this fair lady by the name of Miss Rosy? One lucky day, I received an invitation to join her for tea at Angelic Tea & Scones House :)

Angelic Tea & Scones House is a vintage whimsical place. I have never seen such a beautiful, well decorated place. You can't help but feel girly once you've stepped in. I almost didn't want to come because that day was actually my birthday and I wanted to go out and celebrate hehe. But I am very glad I came, with the magical feel of the event, combined with makeup products on every table, it was like the perfect way to spend my birthday ^^ Thank you to everyone for singing me a birthday song, twice! :D

The event is to introduce us who is the enigmatic Miss Rosy and what she is about. I already guessed she is the ambassador for L'Oreal White Perfect skincare range. I was wondering if there is a person behind the curtain, a concealed start, waiting for her debut. Or is she a cartoon-ised version of a real person? Turns out, she is the later, but not a version of A person, she is a vision of all women of Asia. You can check out what Miss Rosy is really about in the above video :)

What do I think about Miss Rosy? I really like the concept used. The idea to represent women in general is great, instead of the normal way of using a celebrity as the ambassador. I also like the face that they give a back story for Miss Rosy, it makes her for alive in a way, being something we all can relate to. And I also really like that they make her interactive with her app on facebook which you can see here https://www.facebook.com/lorealparismalaysia/app_204167516416726. It's interesting and it's a new breathe of fresh air in my opinion, because we can't interact with celebrity ambassador before :) If you want to know more about Miss Rosy, I've posted about her here.

Continuing with the event, After we were introduced to Miss Rosy, we have out tea time. It was then we were informed that the tea house is a vegetarian restaurant. I was afraid I was not going to enjoy the food and might be starving for the rest of the day, but I was so wrong. The food was delicious! From the savory to the sweets, it was heaven with every bite. That's why I love that place so much. Sabrina commented that it is hard to find a restaurant where it looks breath taking and at the same time the food is delicious. And I couldn't agree more!

After tea, we had free time to try out the makeup products, skin care and nail polishes which are not out in stores yet! There were 4 more stations, they were the hair and make over, craft, cartoon self portrait and the photo station. I just stick to makeup & hair station haha. My eyes just won't look at anything else! xD I also had the chance to interview Melissa & Ashely Liew about Miss Rosy. I also had the privilege to talk to L'Oreal Managing Director Saki Goh.

I did a hair makeover :D

Sabby, Cik Lily, Ayna

Sab, Sabby & Sabrina, the 3 Sabrinas hehe

Me & Lucinda

Melissa & Me

Did I mention the bathroom is whimsical too? :D

Imma princess hehe :P
I was happy to spend time with bloggers who I now call as friends :) It was such a great birthday. Opps I meant event haha. It's the same thing actually for me ^^ Thank you to The Butterfly Project & L'Oreal Paris Malaysia for the invite. And unexpectedly made me enjoy my birthday :)

For more information you can visit:

Thank you for reading, until next time lovelies!

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  2. Your photos... They are like sending sparks into my eyes.. Nicely done!


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