Journey to The Lost World of Tambun with ETS

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hi everyone!

Last month was a huge step for The Butterfly Project Malaysia as the community took 30 bloggers to a quick getaway to The Lost World of Tambun! A few posts will be coming up (that's right! one post is not enough!) to share with you on the journey to a lost paradise :) And towards the end of the posts, then I shall reveal the video of our journey hehe. This first post is the beginning; Journey to The Lost World of Tambun with ETS.

22nd September 2013
- Morning -

We gathered at KL Sentral at 7:30am. It's a good thing that it was Sunday, or else I would have to wake up at 4am just to make it lol. But I love that morning, the roads were clear and my drive there was smooth sailing. I came with my family, just becoz haha. Oh and I needed my dad's and bro's help to carry bags of surprises for the Butterflies that day *wink wink*

I didn't to have time to eat my breakfast at McDonals so I just tapau and eat it on the train. We took our seats and took some photos before departing.

Photo Credit: I Am Studio
Photo Credit: I Am Studio
I was really excited because I've never ride the train for long distance travel before (I thought my first would be from Kent to Paris hehe) but a ride from KL to Paradise in Malaysia with 29 awesome bloggers is definitely an amazing experience :D If you're thinking of hoping on for a quick getaway too, the fare from KL to Ipoh on Gold coach is only RM 35 for a one way ticket.

Photo Credit: I Am Studio
Getting settled hehe
Photo Credit: I Am Studio
We were given a brief info about the ETS (Electric Train Service) by Mr Nordin
Photo Credit: I Am Studio

Checking the tickets
Photo Credit: I Am Studio
There's fooooddddd! and toilet too haha so there's no reason to stop :D
Photo Credit: I Am Studio
The train was on time and we started our journey at 8:05am. The butterflies were given some time to relax and get settled before the Butterfly Team reveals our Travel Survival Beauty Kit! We were packing the day before and I just couldn't wait to give them away! It has everything any girl need for travel. Wanna know what's inside the Travel Kit? Stay tuned for that post hehe ;D We were also given adorable cookies baked by our Mama-san's sister.

Photo Credit: I Am Studio

Photo Credit: Caroline
Photo Credit: Tammy
Photo Credit: Tammy
The ETS ride was very comfortable. The seats are spacious and has compartments, hooks and even a small table for food. Kinda reminds me of airplane seats. There were flat screen TVs however no sound but thats normal. We were entertained by Mr Bean The Animation Series the whole way haha. The whole ride was smooth and not shaking, only in the beginning but I guess you'll get used to it. The toilet was like an airplane one as well haha, although the cabin for the toilet was pretty hot. The train made stops along the way but it wasn't too long or dragging. With every stop we did a countdown to when we'll be arriving :D

And guess what we find waiting for us at Ipoh? We were welcomed by 2 awesome tour guides, Firdaus and Syawal from The Lost World of Tambun. I thought it was very sweet. I felt like we were VIPs haha.

Wonder what awaits us after? Stay tuned for more posts!

For more information you can go to:
Lost World of Tambun FB
KTM Website
The Butterfly Project Malaysia FB

Till then, stay awesome ;)

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  1. Wahhh, I really excited for the next post! :)

  2. I like ur comic style pic!! so lively, and look more cantik after that. faster post ur lost world post, can't wait to see!

  3. Omagadddd bestnyaaaaa pergi ramai2!

  4. @Scha Nazri, the second post is up! :D

    @Kok Shuh Hong, I'm happy you enjoy it hehe more comic pics on the second post!

    @Nad Kassim, Memang seronok gila hehe


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