Adventure Time at The Lost World of Tambun Theme Park

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hi Everyone!

This is my second post on my journey at The Lost World of Tambun with The Butterfly Project Malaysia :) If you've missed the first post you can check it out here. This post, I will share my adventure at The Lost World of Tambun Theme Park.

22nd September 2013
- Afternoon -

Photo Credit: I Am Studio
We arrived around 10:30 am and was greeted by two awesome tour guides from The Lost World of Tambun; Firdaus and Syawal. From the train station at Ipoh, we took the bus to The Lost World of Tambun. Since it was a hot day, they provided us with cool wet towels which I thought was very sweet of them.

During the bus ride, the boys explained the famous places in Ipoh as we passed by. Mostly famous for shopping and food hehe. Not long after we finally arrived.

We went straight to the Kepura Cave where we had our lunch and it was delicious! Kepura Cave is interesting because it is a natural cave, not man made. They turned it into a multi-purpose hall for dining, conference etc. We we're introduced to what The Lost World of Tambun is about and we were briefed about our activities of the day.

Then we headed for a tour around the theme park on a train ride (again! lol) but a cute mini train this time ;) The attractions for the theme park are Tiger Valley, Petting Zoo, Tin Valley, Dulang Tea house, Amusement Park, Water Park & Team Building Park. 

First stop was at the petting zoo. Animal lovers would love this! Especially kids. There are many species of animal, from mammals to reptiles. There are also scheduled time when they will have feeding shows and they allow people to feed some of the animals too. The animals there are well kept and look so happy, healthy and beautiful. They are used to people and most of them are very friendly :D My favourite animal would be the cute racoon Acucu and the sugar gliders, so adorable!

The cute Acucu :D

Hehe I was so daring!
Photo Credit: Arisa & Mieza
After that we headed to the Tin Valley. There we were taught how to "mendulang timah" haha, basically how to get the tin. I didn't want to try at first but because your feet has to be in the water and it was such a hot day I needed to dive in! LOL It was hard at first because the dulang was so heavy but after awhile you'll get the hang of it and it was really fun :D

Photo Credit: Tammy
After that we took a break at the Dulang Tea House. There we had coffee and some bread and half boiled egg. It was already felt like a tiring day so having a tea time break was just what we needed! When we finished, we had a treasure hunt. Honestly I already knew I was tired and when I saw what we had to do I knew we wouldn't have the time to make it. I just wanted to have fun and I wasn't in the mood to be running around in the hot (very very very hot) sun. But one of my team mates got too competitive and it killed the fun actually :/ All I could think about was "when do I dive in the pool???" lol. Yea it was that hot.

When my mood was killed, it was very hard to get excited about anything else really and we didn't have enough time for free and easy after that. We checked in the hotel (a post about the hotel will be up soon ^^) and rested for an hour and only had 45 minutes before the theme park was closed. We didn't have the chance to rent a float to slide down the slide. But coz we really wanted to have fun we (Laura, Kay, Edazz & Mieza) played at the available water park which was the kids park. Yep that's right LOL. We slide and splashed at the kids pirate ship like nobody's business haha.

Before the park closed, we headed for the souvenir shop. I found very cute Acucu keychains hehe. Then we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the hot springs :)

Despite my experience, I really think that this place is very suitable for families and even companies retreat. It's not too big it's not too small and I dont think it gets as crowded at Sunway Lagoon, that place can get crazy! Haha. Here are some information about the theme park.

Amusement Park Operating Hours:

Monday - Friday : 11:00AM - 6:00PM
Saturday & Sunday 10:00AM - 6:00PM
School & Public Holidays 10:00AM - 6:00PM

Park CLOSED every Tuesday except during Malaysian School & Public Holidays

Ticket Price:

Adult RM 48.00 nett per Person
Children RM 41.00 nett per person
Child below 90cm in height Free of Charge (FOC)

Group package is available with minimum number of 30 persons and advanced booking is required.

*Ticket price inclusive access to Amusement Park, Water Park, Tiger Valley, Petting Zoo, Tin Valley, Lupe's Adventure and Hot Springs & Spa

For more information you can go to:
Lost World of Tambun Website
The Butterfly Project Malaysia FB

Stay tune for more posts. Till then, stay awesome ;)
*Photo credit goes to I Am Studio, unless stated other wise.

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