It's Getting Hot in Here! The Lost World of Tambun Hot Springs & Spa

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hi everyone!

This wont be my last post for my adventures at The Lost World of Tambun lol, so much I know! And it was only a one night stay man...oh well :P So on this fourth post, its all about getting hot *wink wink*

22nd September
- Night -

One of the main attractions in The Lost World Hot Springs & Spa :) It is the place to rest, relax and rejuvenate especially after a long and tiring day. Just immerse yourself in 100% natural concentrated mineral hot springs. Yes, its natural hot springs! I noticed a lot of the families bring their elderly there. I think its sweet and it also shows the good properties of hot springs.

The Hot Spring & Spa include the Crystal Pool, Infinity Pool, Top of the World Pool, The Geyser of Tambun, Lost World Steam Cave, Foot Spa, Saphira's Lair & Crystal Spa.

I think the only hot spring pool I was able to tolerate was the Saphira's Lair, only because it's the "coolest" of the hot springs haha. Honestly, after a long HOT day, diving into a hot pool wasn't that appealing to me. But I know given any other day I would have enjoyed myself more. I did try all the pools though just for fun :P

The Crystal Pool was specially reversed for the Butterflies that night :D the temperature was 40 degree Celsius which was hot for me lol. I didn't dive in and fully submerge myself underwater, but it was so much fun hanging out with the Butterflies and do crazy sexy poses (not me haha)

The Foot Spa is quite painful haha. Its like those stones you walk on for better blood circulation plus its in the hot water which make it healthier. But too painful for me haha.

The Top of the World Pool is at the top (obviously :P) but be careful when climbing up and down the stairs, might be slippery. Its the hottest pool and I only dipped in my toe lol. No matter how long I waited and I gave it time, I still can't adjust to the temperature. And because it's very hot, it's not advisable to spend too much time in it either.

Other than that, dinner was so good. There were also some stations like mask & scrub, head & shoulder massage and fortune teller. It was quite the experience. I'm so happy to be lucky enough to experience it with the butterflies :)

Stay tuned for the video, hopefully I can finish editing as soon as possible :) 

For more information you can go to:
Lost World of Tambun FB
The Butterfly Project Malaysia FB

Till then, stay awesome ;)

*Photo credits from I Am Studio

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  1. hehehe your last picture... so cute! u girls surely had alot of fun!

  2. @Swee San, Lol yea i didnt relize I was making that face until I saw the picture haha. It's a fun place especially for families :D


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