Miss Rosy Reveals her Secret to Rosy Pink Skin!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Today I'm going to introduce you to a special girl. She is friendly, sweet and lovable. Like every other girl, she loves beauty, fashion and all things pink! Like her pink lipstick and her pink heels.

She can't live without her phone! She loves to stay connected to her family and friends, sharing tips and tricks about beauty.

She loves her family, they are the pillars of her life. And like us, she has BFFs, 2 in fact, that she has known from primary school.

She lives the lives that we live. She makes time for her work, family and friends. And most important of all, she understands the importance of skincare to maintain a healthy rosy fairness. And her favorite skin care? Is the L'Oreal Paris White Perfect range.

She is like you, she is like me. She is the embodiment of all women of Asia. She is Miss Rosy :)

Her love for beauty is a reflection of you. Her life is inspired by the life of all women. If you want to have that healthy pink glow like Miss Rosy, let me show you the secret to rosy fairness.

Step 1: Cleanse Face
Using L'Oreal White Perfect Purifies & Brightens Milky Foam
It cleanses skin perfectly from impurities,
prepares for the whitening care,
& purifies and brightens the complexion day after day

Step 2: Tone Face
Using L'Oreal Whit Perfect Whitening & Moisturizing Toner
It refreshes and tones the skin,
brightens and clarifies the skin,
& keeps the skin well hydrated all day long

Step 3: Essence
L'Oreal White Perfect Radiance Boosting Double Essence
Contains Malanin-Vanish & Tourmaline Gemstone
It Moisturizes the skin,
& makes the skin softer and smoother, fairer and more radiant

Step 4: Cream (Day & Night)
L'Oreal White Perfect Day Cream SPF 17/PA++
& L'Oreal White Perfect Night Cream
Helps neutralize the program of melanin production,
& helps unload existing melanin in skin layers

Here's Miss Rosy Day and Night routine!

So, what is Miss Rosy's secret to fair skin? If you have not guessed it already, there are actually 3 main products she uses to achieve that pink glowing cheeks! They are the Double Essence and both day and night cream. They all contain Pink Tourmaline Gemstone which is known to help stimulate skin microcirculation, that gives you that radiant, rosy skin. The next key feature is the Melanin Vanish which helps to inhibit melanin production and unload existing dark pigments in skin layers.

So that's the secret to Rosy Fair skin! If you have questions about the fair Miss Rosy you can ask her yourself. She is very active in social media, just drop by at her page at

You can even meet her yourself!

You can also win yourself some fabulous prices simply by entering her photo contest! Here's how!

Simple right? Now lets start having that Rosy Fair skin like Miss Rosy :) Thank you for reading, until next time, stay beautiful!

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  1. OMG ADA STOP MOTION! Haha fangirling sekejap. I haven't even finished seeing your vid and haven't even started reading a word of your post but had to comment.

    So awesome Farisha!

  2. @Sabrina, Frangirling? lol new word of the day haha Thanks Sabrina, watch2 enjoy! xD

    @Kay, Thanks babe! <3

    @Tammy, Hehe Thanks Tammy :D

  3. Loreal really should put this video in their website, facebook, twitter and all social media platform they have!!!

  4. awesome post with adorable video! i love to watch it. :D


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