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Monday, September 30, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Before I begin, I need to warn you that this post is picture heavy haha. Hope you enjoy reading!

Do you know theSkintopic? They are famous for their body oils. I knew about them from Paris B, she loves body oils and she prefers them over body lotion. One of the body oils she mentioned is the one from theSkintopic. Ever since I have heard about them I have been very curious. Sadly though, good body oils don't come cheap! That's why I was very excited to go to theSkintopic 1st Anniversary at Pavilion :D

It was a great opportunity to see how they hand made their best selling Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Synergy Body Oil by the founder herself, Ms Brigit Blair. The event started off with an opening speech by the Executive Director of theSkintopic, Mr Frederick Loh. After that, he passed the mic over to Ms Blair. She gave a little introduction about herself and her inspiration to create the Linden Leaves  Aromatherapy Synergy Body Oil, then she proceed to giving us a demonstration on how they are hand made.

Mr Frederick Loh & Ms Brigit Blair (photo credit)

It's not that hard to make actually, the surprising part for me is the fact that it is actually hand made. That's impressive. I can also tell how passionate Ms Blair is, and she kept on saying how each one is handled and made with love and care. After the demonstration, we were given the chance to DIY and get a hands on experience in the making of the Synergy Body Oils. It was a nice experience to watch at first, but then when she told those who get to try get to keep the full size body oil, people just snapped lol. I got away before I got trampled by the girls who were "eagerly" (sugar coating it haha) wanting to get their hands on the free body oil.

They also had a demonstration on one of their other products, the face and body soap which is suitable for sensitive, acne prone or even eczema skin.

Besides body oils, they focus on retailing selected New Zealand natural skin care, bath and body products and fragrance diffusers. The products also does not contain harmful ingredients, parabens, artificial color or preservatives and they do not test their products on animals. Since it is their 1st Anniversary, they are having great promotions :) So if you have been eyeing anything from theSkintopic, you can grab your chance now!  

Some of the bloggers I met, I actually didn't think to take pictures of them, was too focused on the event huhu. Sorry guys, next time ;D

I love this photo taken by the photographer of the event :D Photo credit
These are the door gifts that I got. The miniture size Body Oil is so cute! I think it is more than enough for me :D

Thank you The Butterfly Project for the invitation.

For more information please visit;
theSkintopic facebook:
theSkintopic website:
The Butterfly Project facebook:

Thank you for reading, stay beautiful!

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