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Friday, September 06, 2013

Hi Everyone!

I've always been a GSC kind of person, but lately I've "converted" to TVG and here's why:

a) The new TGV at 1 Utama is awesome!
b) The amazing promotions they are having.
c) The constant creativity, ideas and concept that they come up with.

My first taste of this awesomeness was back when I was invited to celebrate birthday bash. And last week I was invited to experience TGV latest creative concept for the month of September, the TGV Laugh Out Loud Month.

September is TGV's comedy month, as there will be a lot of comedy movies coming out. And TGV created a new concept of in-cinema experience by combining a stand-up comedy act with a comedy movie. Interesting right? :D

They invited two of the funniest Radio DJs in Malaysia, Papi Zack & Grumpy from the Red fm Really Really Late Breakfast Show to do the stand-up comedy just before the movie starts! So you can't come late for this movie haha.

The Chillax lounge, relax and eat before the movie

Before the movie starts, we got a chance to eat and chill at TVG 1 Utama Chillax. It was spacious and cozy :) After that, I got to experience TGV LOL with the movie We Are The Millers! No spoiler alert, here's the trailer ;)

This movie is so hilarious! It is so hilarious that every time something funny happens, the audience clapped! Not standing ovation clap, but the "omg-so-stupidly-creativie-and-unexpected-funny" kinda clap LOL. I was surprised, it's not exactly a Malaysian custom haha. Although it's a movie about a family, but I don't think it is suitable for children haha.

The LUXE hall, look at the seats, very spacious and comfortable :D

As for the stand up comedy, I advice not to eat or drink during this, you will choke yourself laughing xD Papi and Grumpy take turns with their act and both are very funny. Papi kinda remind me a lil like Russel Peters, just a lil haha. Their comedy is the "pointing-the-obvious-about-a-typical-Malaysian" kinda comedy. Which is so funny xD

Sounds interesting? Wanna experience this yourself? TGV is having an LOL movie night this Saturday with Grown Ups 2!

You can purchase you tickets online at and be the first ones to know about their awesome promotions by liking their fb page at

Get your tickets now! I swear you will be laughing all night xD

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