KOJI Curving Eyelash Curler Review

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Today I'm going to share my review on the KOJI Curving Eyelash Curler. I got this last year at the Dolly Wink workshop which you can read about here. This eyelash curler is very interesting for a few reasons. First would be the first thing you would notice is that it comes with a protective casing. I think it's very convenient, so you don't have to worry about it getting broken if you bring it around especially for travel. Another interesting fact is that this is the No. 1 best seller in Japan, which means that it is very suitable for Asian eyes. The next thing is that you can curl your lashes with your eyes open, starting straight into the mirror without the need to tilt your head (but I guess it also depends on your eye shape). After testing it out for almost a year I will share with you my thoughts about it.

It is very curved (hence the name), more than most eyelash curler even a little bit more than my favourite Shiseido eyelash curler. After a couple of tries, I manage to get used to curling my lashes without tilting my head using this curler. I don't think it fits my eye shape perfectly but it comes close. It feels very sturdy and it doesn't feel like its easily broken. The casing is sturdy and does come in handy especially when I bring it along for my makeup jobs. I do feel it's very easy to use on clients and most of the time it only takes 1-2 times to curl an eye, which saves me a lot of time. I would keep using for clients, but for myself personally it's not a revolutionary tool, just because I have very stubborn lashes especially on the outer corners, the kind of lashes that lash curlers could not pick up. But it does pick up around 90% of my lashes and even for myself I need only 1-2 times to curl on each eye. It also curls my lashes more than most last curler.

Overall, I think it is avery good eyelash curler. For the price point, I can't really say if it is worth the value because it depends on the person. For me, personally it is a good investment for a Makeup Artist. However, if given the choice I would opt for Shiseido or Shu Uemura. Shu Uemura is definitely cheaper which the price of RM 65, while Shiseido (RM 79) price is practically similar to KOJI but it's all about personal preference. If this eyelash curler gives you the perfect curl, then I would really recommend it. It is a very good eyelash curler, it may not be my holy grail curler but it is to a lot of people, and if that is the case it is definitely worth the price.

What is your favourite eyelash curler, let me know :)

Name: KOJI Curving Eyelash Curler
Price: RM 80
Available at: Sasa outlets.
*Disclaimer - I received this product from an event. This doesn't effect my judgements. These are my honest opinion.

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  1. O.O... I seldom use eyelash curler but the curls on your lashes are so pretty ~~~~~

  2. @Furfer, how are you, long time no see! Yea, I seldom curl my lashes too but mostly because I wear glasses, but this one is one of the best I've tried so far. You should give it a try ^_^


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