Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (Stardust) Review

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hi Everyone!

This weekend is all about eyeliners *wink wink* Eyeliners are my first love and will always be my go to makeup for any occasion from lazy days to special events (especially special events). Khol or gel liners are something I reached for if I want a matte or smudge smokey like look. In this case, I am reviewing a gel eyeliner in a pencil form. Introducing Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliners in Stardust series.

The colors I got is in Galaxy Black and Golden Brown. Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliners are indeed very waterproof and smudge proof. The colors are very pigmented as well. I love the Galaxy Black, somehow the texture is smoother than Golden Brown. It glides on so smoothly on my eyes that I hardly ever have to tug on my eyes during application. Even though there are some glitters in the black it is not that noticeable once applied. I love using the black for tightline and on my water line too. As for the Golden Brown, I find it a little difficult to apply and I had to tug on my eye more than I would care for. The glitters in the brown are visible up close, and it can be passed as a natural color. Because it's not smooth as the black color, it is hard to apply it on my waterline.

Galaxy Black
Golden Brown

Overall, I really like Galaxy Black and I feel like I can do without Golden Brown. If you have the same problem with your gel or pencil liners, you fix it by heating up the eyeliner with a hair drier for a few seconds before letting it cool down just a second to make the application smoother. The price is reasonable, it's similar to most of the eyeliner price in the market. Other than that both of the eyeliners are very long lasting, perfect for the hot weather and for anyone with oily lids.

If you are interested in Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliners, Natta Cosme will be having a 20% off as a part of their Raya sales. Simply key in "MHES 20" during your purchase and you're good to go. This code is valid until 31/08/2014. There are other promotions going now at Natta Cosme website as well for skin care and makeup until 31st July 2014.

Have you tried this eyeliner before? What do you think of it? Let me know!

Name: Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner 
Price: RM 34.90
Available at: Natta Cosme Website
*Disclaimer - This products were send to me for review purposes. This doesn't effect my judgements. These are my honest opinion.

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  1. It's fantastic to see how two different eyeliner colours can make us look different! that black is so deep while the brown made you look so natural ^_^

  2. I prefer my liners to be free from glitters. I don't know, I just am vary of the glitters getting on my eyeballs? Haha! Btw sweetie, can you leave out your link the next time you comment on my blog? It's such a waste because Disqus classifies comments with links as spam...

  3. Salam Farisha.. I like how Golden Brown gives definition to the eyes without being dramatic. Nice for day wear. (^-^)

  4. @mieza, Yea it is so cool that colors play so much part in your look :D The brown does look nice, though I still prefer the black because of the texture ^_^

  5. @Bijin, I totally understand! Sometimes that can happen and it's so annoying >.< Oh, alright dear no problem :D

  6. @Phy, thanks I like the effect too, it is definitely suitable for everyday look :)

  7. you got a really pretty eyes :D and the golden brown one looks really nice and natural on you like seriously (i'm jealous >.>)

  8. @Nieysasyahitah thanks dear! I think my eyes are the same as a lot of people, it just took awhile to find a good angel to photograph it in ;D

  9. Nalaaaaaaaaaaaa. Your eyes are so pretty omggggggggg. I love how you line your eyeliners! Any tips to have perfect wing?

  10. Thank you Jennifer! Umm, I'm not sure about tips lol, I guess practice >.<

  11. I'm jealous you have pretty eyes TT
    btw I like the galaxy black more. Its very black. I was going to purchase night black but I think I change my mind.
    Thanks for the review ^^


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