The Bag Of Love Unzipping Tea Party! Sugary Treats and Rainbows of Inspirations

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hi everyone!

Remember the entry post for the Bag of Love Unboxing Tea Party? I got the the privilege to attend the party! Woohoo! Thank you Tammy for inviting me *hugs!*

First of all, I'm sorry this post takes a while to do, other than finding exactly what I wanted to say, the other real challenge is that I ALWAYS get hungry every time editing this post. Edit one picture, got hungry...edit another got hungry... I'm surprised I even finished! xD

Now before I start sharing my experience about the event, I must warn you with a couple of things:

A) You will be hungry or at least drooling (I know I still am :P)
B) This is a very detailed post, sharing inspirations from the ladies behind the curtain
C) This is my first event and first time blogging about it so please bear with me :P
D) Sit back relax and make yourself as comfortable as possible

Let's start off with the promised video of the event :D

So the event took place at Delectable Treats by Su at their Paradigm outlet. It's located next to Tesco right in front of Delifrance. If it's your first time at Paradigm, I suggets using the elevator coz there are so many levels I was almost lost and it wasn't even my first time! LOL. Anyway, I'm glad I was on time, though not many people where there yet, so I took the opportunity to take some photos and start recording.

Oh my.....
Are you drooling yet? xD
Wow, I think it's calling my name...
It's saying, please eat me!
My cup of happiness :D
Cupcakes with hearts and butterflies for Bag of Love and The ButterFly Project :D

Come to me o' delicious one...
The first person I saw was Tammy! I was so nervous. I mean, I never thought I'd be meeting people I knew online and specifically the blogger I have come to admire. She's approachable and friendly :) After a brief introduction I continued to take pictures and record some clips. Before I knew it, the place was getting more and more crowded with bloggers, some I recognize and some I wasn't too sure.

Mi Mi, Tammy & Kay
Me & Mi Mi!
Photo courtesy of Tammy :) I like it better than mine haha
Mi Mi, Me & Tammy :D
I love this picture! From the awesome Tammy :)
That's me interviewing Mi Mi, photo from Tammy of course!
I finally saw Mi Mi, the founder of Bag of Love. For those who don't know, Bag of Love is a one woman show, unlike other beauty boxes, Mi Mi handles everything by herself with the help of her family and friends. It is not a big company with many employees to help with the business. She was a beauty writer for a few magazines (female magazine was one of them), and her first Bag of Love launch was the Debut Bag in March

"Everything I do, I put myself in my subscribers' shoes and I thought what do I want to do with so many boxes every month. So that's why I thought if I put it in a beauty bag it would be better, more practical and a girl can never have too many bags." - Mi Mi

Before the event, Tammy mentioned in The ButterFly Project that we should take advantage to get to know Mi Mi. I haven't actually thought about doing an interview, but she was right! Where was my brain hahaha. And of course, I asked Mi Mi if it would be alright to interview her. She was alright at first but after seeing the playback she suddenly became really shy, said she didn't look nice on camera. I just looked at her thinking "umm what???? you look so young and beautiful", but to keep her wishes I kept her interview in the video as short as possible.

"Every month there'll be about 5-6 deluxe size items in the bag and every month the bag will have different designs." - Mi Mi

Looking for inspirations
What I am looking for from the interview is INSPIRATION. Not just for me, but for anyone out there looking for it. Sometimes people may not realize how much they affect others, that they are looked up to. I learn from my experience that although inspiration is important but it's nothing without persistance. So, you can say I was looking for inspiration to keep my inspiration lol, inception much :P

"Don't give up at the first hurdle." - Mi Mi

What better way to learn than from those with the experience. With Mi Mi, she advice not to give up on the first obstacle you face. She's right. I always hear people say the hardest part is the first step. But I believe that the hardest part is to not step back and to keep on goingShe shared her experience that she started Bag of Love as a compromise to continue her passion in the beauty industry and at the same time to spend more time with her children. It did not turned out that way, "in the end I[she] have absolutely no time for my[her] kids". She regretted the decision but she didn't give up. Now that things are more under control she finally have the time she promised her family.

I completely understand where she was coming from and I admire her even more. I also can't help notice she looks so young and asked her to share a tip on how to stay young hehehe. She said that she drinks a lot of water, and she means A LOT. She believe that 8 glasses a day is not enough! Woah...*drinks water*

"Be happy and be young at heart." - Mi Mi

After the interview with Mi Mi I finally went around to greet other bloggers. The first one to introduce herself was Farah (who also made a video about the event btw, go check it out!). She's a YouTuber and a vlogger. She is such a sweet person with a very interesting personality. I really enjoyed meeting her (as you can tell in the video LOL) Next (I'm not really sure if I'm saying this in any order coz I don't really remember lol) is Kay from The Glossy Allure, Cindy from Cindy's Planet and Swee San from The Sweet Spot who also made a video about the event :D

I remember this more clearly because I was sitting right next to them during the event. I put my camera aside for awhile to get to know them a little better.

It was really interesting to meet different people that shared similar intrest. You never really think about the life aside from the pages we read and the videos we watch. It was a pleasure to get to know them. Some are married while others have day jobs that are completely different from what they blog about. What I learned is that behind the words, pictures and videos, they are just like everybody else. They work hard and make effort to balance their life with the things they love. So it's possible to still do whatever that makes you happy.

"Whatever we do, it's all from our hearts and passion. That's why we collaborated with Bag of Love because when you open your bag all the love will come out" - Tammy

Bag of Love April Edition :D

My little beauty bag *love*
The fun part is about to begin. Tammy gave a speech about the event. The tea set was sponsored by Delectable Treats, and the extra treats were from Tammy herself because most of us requested it hehehe :P Thank you Tammy! She introduced The ButterFly Project as a volunteer community. "Whatever we do, it's all from our hearts and passion. That's why we collaborated with Bag of Love because when you open your bag all the love will come out", said Tammy. She is actually has a sense of humor I recognize immediately, coz I too have that kind lol. After Tammy's speech, it was Mi Mi's turn. She introduced Bag of Love, its concept and how it was originally created. After that, we were given our Bag of Love April Edition to open together. Mi Mi told us instead of unboxing, it is unzipping :D Then, both Tammy and Mi Mi reminded us to give our most honest opinion and that's when Mi Mi said "Let the unzipping begins" ;)

"Let the unzipping begins" - Mi Mi

LOL it was hard to focus on what was inside the bag coz everyone is laughing (as you might have seen in the video :P) and it was extra hard for me as I was holding up my humongous and heavy DSRL camera with one hand and had to switched hands a few times.

"Hmmm....what is this?...""Oh...what does it do?...""What can I use with it for?"

So, my first impressions on the products? April's theme is Green in honor of Earth Month, that's why the bag is made of bleach-free canvas and the little tag that says "Bag of Love" inside is made of recycled non-woven material. Unzipping the bag, I recognize 4 brand out of 6 products. When you open a beauty box and in this case a beauty bag *wink wink* you never know what to expect so my reactions would always be like "Hmmm....what is this?...", "Oh...what does it do?..." and "what can I use with it for?" lol. If I recognize the products and it's something I've been wanting, then yea, you can expect to see me jumping for joy haha, but who doesn't? :P The only thing that made my unzipping fun was the fact that we were doing it together and everybody was laughing :D

So what do we have in April's Bag of Love?

Bag of Love April Edition
1) Phyto Intense Hydration Shampoo, 50 ml
2) Definite Contour Brush, Full Size
3) Decleor Hydra Floral Cream, 15 ml
4) Nuxe BB Cream, 15 ml
5) The Body Shop Deep Sleep Pillow and Body Mist, 60 ml
6) Burt's Bess Richly Refreshing Body Lotion, 6.5g

It's always such a joy to receive full size products and a brush gets a bonus point ;) I didn't focus much on the products coz I know I can properly review it later hehe

After the unzipping of Bag of Love, we didn't waste any second to dive in the delicious treats in front of us xD I didn't have any thing to eat before and having deserts was weird but my stomach got over it :P

The Tea Time Treats :)

Heart & Butterfly :D
OMG it was so good. I noticed everyone was enjoying nom nom on the food :D I really think it is a very good place to just sit back and relax with a cup of tea surrounded by great companies. If Su was there I would have loved to interview her, but she was pregnant and was very close to the due date. She had a baby boy btw ;) Go and wish her a Happy Mother's Day!

If you're wondering, or even drooling to get these delicious treats, it is available for a really affordable price! It is actually the Tea Time Treats, available everyday from 2pm till 6pm at the Paradigm outlet. The Tea Time Treats menu include one pot of tea, spicy sausage puff, chocolate macaroon, roasted cashews (my favorite!), carrot cake, moist chocolate cake, 2 delectable cookies and cherry almond cake. The price is RM 15 for 1 person and RM 28 for 2 people :) Plus, you can get free one of the collectable limited edition fabric badges by just pre-booking :D

Tea Time!
The collectable limited edition fabric button badges!
After filling my stomach with scoops of pure happiness I asked Tammy if I can interview her. She was very fun and engaging even though she kept saying she was camera shy but the camera loves her! I wanted to know a little about her background so I asked her how she started blogging and why. I also asked her to give an advice to inspiring bloggers out there. You can see the details in the video of course ^^) When Tammy said that us bloggers need to stick together and she will "fend the bullies off! *smiley face*" I felt she was like a big sister. I'm happy to get to know her and just like Mi Mi, my admiration towards Tammy also grew.

Mi Mi, Farah & Tammy
Mi Mi, Emily & Tammy
Lina :)
Lina, Sabrina & Me
Li Chuen & Me
Angeline, Li Chuen, Me & Farah
Continue on with the event, I got to know Sabrina from Vixen Deity, Lina from Miss Babble Gloss, Angeline from Average Angeline, Li Chuen from Strings of Memories and Emily from Sunrise Emily. I think you can tell by now that I look up to those who are not afraid to chase after their dream and just be themselves. The first time I saw a picture of Lina in one of her reviews I thought she looked so pretty :D We all have grown to believe that beauty has a certain type of image and anything less of that is not considered beautiful. So, whenever I meet or see anybody who is so comfortable, confident and happy in his/her own skin, I automatically admire them. I believe that this is the kind of beauty we should grow to appreciate and looked up to.

I also got to know a fellow student/blogger as well, yeay! Sabrina like everyone there was so nice and friendly. She did an amazing review of the event as well, don't forget to check it out ;)

It was such a pleasant event, getting to know people who are nice and sincere. That's rare. Or have I not met a lot of people like that all at once? LOL.

When the event ended I felt like it flew by so quickly >.< There were still a lot of leftovers so we grabbed as many doggie bags as we can haha. I am very happy to able to experience such a wonderful event. The highlight of the event for me is meeting all those people. I didn't have a chance to really get to know everyone else and I am so sorry for that >.< I wish we could meet up again in the future and share another wonderful experience together :)

Before I end this post (I know, so long end it already haha, bear with me :P) I would like to thank you Tammy, The ButterFly Project, Mi Mi, Delectable Treats by Su plus the wonderful staff and of course, everybody who made the event memorable.

I can't wait to share more wonderful events with you in the future :)

With the deepest love and sincerity,
Farisha Nadia

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  1. Such a sweet write up :) I was in the first session XD

  2. @Carolyn Tay, thank you for taking the time to read it ^^ I didn't get to meet you then but I'm happy to be able to meet you at La Senza :D although we didn't have the chance to get to know each other >.<


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