YADAH Birthday Bash; A Not So Birthday-like Event

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I went to YADAH Birthday Bash at SaSa Leisure Mall. I was very excited of course and I've been hearing people raving about Yadah products. Plus, Yadah have been exploding the event with giveaways on their Facebook page and collaborated with others like Mivva.com to increase the excitement of the event.

Well, truth be told, I'm only reviewing the event because I promised to. And I figured I can't always review things that are good, I'd prefer it coz I really don't like talking bad about something. I always think if it's not good enough (at least for my experience) then it might not be worth mentioning. And l know myself, if I mention it, I would go crazy into details about what was wrong with it.

The event was not the worst event in my opinion, just not as great as they claimed it would be. It was not even close to the bar that they have set, the advertisement was more exciting.

If you think about Birthday Bash, and this is suppose to be invitations only, you'd think about a well prepared event, oozing with fun activities for everyone. I assumed it would be exclusive (doesn't have to be fancy, just private) and all the bloggers would be well informed of the products, Yadah, and basically everything that you need to know.

Turns out it was some what like a private party for a particular group of people. I would mention who they are but honestly we were not well informed of who they are so I don't really know. They are supposed to be teen stars (PGmall Ambassadors if I'm not mistaken) that makes the event "special". It was a collaboration and I thought the attention was suppose to go to Yadah, you know since it's her birthday and all.

Ok, I'm jumping way in time here so let's just start from the beginning :)

I came early and like I always do, I rush to take pictures and videos before it gets crowded. Cool poster right? *excitement building up* Let's see, there will be performances, Hanbok fitting, get to know Yadah and all day fun. Wow.

Let's see what it set up.

One table for Yadah products
One station for only two people to get manicures at a time 
Hanbok fitting! What I was waiting for. But wait, you have to pay RM 5?

The "Stage"
The Birthday Cake, Looks good, but taste ok.

That was it actually. 2 stations for activities which we have to pay btw. Yea the manicure cost RM 5 as well. If you're wondering why I'm complaining, it's because it was actually not expected. Who comes to a birthday party and having to pay to participate in activities? Well I guess that's the compensations for not bringing a birthday gift. Seriously though, I wouldn't have mind if it was not a birthday bash. If they say it was an open event, like a festival or a public show or those events you see all the time at malls then it would make sense to set up kiosks for activities that people have to pay. Why the trouble of invitations?

After I finished taking pictures, I found myself lost in what I should do, because there was nothing left to do. We were waiting for the event to start. And finally the event started with "get-to-know Yadah". How did we get to know this fabulous brand? Well, the MC told us, enlighten us by reading it on her phone about Yadah. Ok, maybe she was a little nervous and who can remember their speech in such a short time they have planning the event. Judging by the way things are.

Then she just pointed to the products on the counter. Nobody was there to tell us what it was, what does it do, who is it right for. I think someone was in charge on that station but she seemed to have a lot of responsibilities to handle that day and wasn't around much for product explanation.

I honestly did keep an open mind about it during the event, hoping things would get better. I'm just a little pissed now that I really thinking about it. Then there was a lucky draw. It was ok. They had to called out a lot of numbers. Too many numbers too little bloggers. After that, they gave us time to participate in the activities in the 2 stations available. Of course, I came all the way there, and it's not everyday you get to dress up right?

I wanted to get the manicure as well, but there was always people waiting in line. Then the fashion show begins. It's not at all exclusive. The stage set up was open, literally anybody can sit, and there were limited sits too. I noticed all the bloggers standing during the performance, I sat on the floor. I know were are not VIPs and I am not demanding that we are treated like one. But it was really obvious that the whole event was disorganized and priority was given to the performers, not the audience. It was not great, anybody could have done it better.

They were showing off bags and Yadah products. The bags are obviously bigger so Yadah products didn't stand out, especially tiny products like the ampules. Plus the MC was not at all prepare. Still reading from her phone, and had to keep looking at what products the models were carrying, this shows that they didn't rehearse. "So this is Yadah BB cream", "and this is Yadah sunscreen to protect us from the sun", "this is our cleanser to clean the face". I mean come on. Tell us why it's interesting. It looked like they were selling the models instead of the products.

I'll show a couple of pictures of the fashion show. I had to zoom in to the max to get a picture of the products. And I was sitting in front -.-" (on the floor)

I actually like this photo but yea that is the best way to hold a small product.
That's better honey, but even I have to zoom in to see this 
It's not balance how they want to show off both products at the same time, yea the bag is a product to model as well. 
Btw, I won that bag on the second lucky draw lol.
Then there was the cake cutting ceremony. I said it, and I'll say it again, they were not prepared! The MC was like "Ok, everyone were gonna sing Happy Birthday to Yadah now" We all looked at the cake. The candles were not lit yet and someone was rushing over to light them up. The DJ played the Happy Birthday song and we just taking pictures, waiting. By the time the song replayed they couldn't light up all the candles and we just sang, or the song sang coz I couldn't hear people singing. And that was it. No plates to serve the cake, just on tissue. It tasted like normal cake nothing special.

Then the MC was calling us back because the performances were about to start. There were 3 performances, a guy sang, after that 2 girls dance. It was not good. They look very "syok sendiri". And it gets a little weird when the MC suddenly started talking in Chinese and was only talking to the performers' groupie. I mean she didn't even look at the Chinese bloggers, and we were like..."okay, why did you call us over if you are not gonna acknowledge us?" *excitement officially thrown out the window*

That was pretty much it. The only thing that made me stayed a while longer was because of the awesome bloggers that were there :) In fact, it was the only thing that was great about the event. I met up with Angeline, Cindy, Sabby, Wiida, Emily and finally got the chance to meet Sabrina Tajudin and Chency. It was so nice to get to spend some time with them, awesome people ;)

Hehe a candid photo :D 
Me & the lovely Sabrina Tajudin :)

Angeline, me & Cindy
The adorable Wiida :)
Sabrina, Wiida, cute Sabby & me :)
After the event, I was still clueless about what I was suppose to write about. They did mention a promotion going on but it wasn't really clear. So I went back to SaSa to ask about the promotion, and well, the SA there were too busy taking pictures with Yadah goodies to even notice us, the rest of the SA, well, they weren't really welcoming either. Not the worse SA but not so great either. All bloggers got some Yadah goodies, but it was nothing to get excited about actually. I had recorded footages for a video but I don't think it's worth the effort to make one. If you didn't go, believe me, you didn't miss much.

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  1. i got invited too but didnt go as i have other responsibilities. well, i'm sorry but it sounds a bit disastrous =_='' upon the invitation, i thought it is a private function too, until you revealed it here.

  2. Yea, you didn't really miss much. It's just my experience though, I read some people actually enjoyed it. Perhaps the expectation was too high :)

  3. I knew it was a public event cos they mentioned that in their FB event page haha...

    I do agree this though: "They were showing off bags and Yadah products. The bags are obviously bigger so Yadah products didn't stand out, especially tiny products like the ampules." :(

  4. @Charmaine Yea they did mentioned it but they also said you need to get invites -.-" Yea I think what would have been fun if the fashion show was dressed up like Yadah, have like sketches of the characters using the products haha

  5. I grab some of the pics for Yadah's post ya :P no worries i will credit your blog :D

  6. @Angeline, haha no problem dear :) thanks for letting me know ^^

  7. thanks for linking my blog dear...i totaly understand how you feel...but always there's room for improvement...perhap next time they will do it better!!

  8. @Cindy, No problem :D Yea, I hope so! :)

  9. Farisha, first time masuk blog awak. Sabtu lepas segan nak tegur sebab tak kenal. Salam kenal :)

    I'm waiting for a blogger to write about this event. Nak tengok siapa yang berani berkata benar. Totally agree with you. If I'm not mistaken, 4 malay bloggers including me came before 1.30 pm. Terkontang-kanting di situ tanpa arah tujuan. I'm so pissed off when the MC kept on saying "We will start in 15 minutes..." 2 times and it only started after 2.30 pm.

    Now I'm still thinking what to write about. Opps.. the dateline is today at 6pm. Guess what? I forgot to bring my camera today! Hahaha

  10. "And l know myself, if I mention it, I would go crazy into details about what was wrong with it."

    Haha that sounds like me! I'm so glad you were honest. This sounds so disastrous I was laughing over my breakfast reading it. I have never ever heard of an event where you had to PAY for the activities! I feel so bad that you guys actually had to wait it out til it was over.

    And I get where you're coming from saying that you weren't expecting to be treated like VIPs - I mean really, anyone attending a party should get seats T_T

    Btw that first bag is so cute (although I don't think there should have been any catwalk at all considering the product - they should have done a makeover thing and pampered you guys with their stuff!)

    Okay banyak ckp pula, I didn't even go hahaha.

  11. @Liz, Takpe, lain kali tegur je hehe, I pun malu nak tegur org xkenal haha xD Salam berkenalan :D

    I pun tunggu tau blogger nak post tapi smue cam enjoy je haha. Kalau ikutkan lg byk I kutuk tp sugar coat sikit haha. I nampak org blur2, xtau nak buat ape. This is as nice as honest I can go. But I really hope they do improve. I guess if you don't really bother saying anything, buat post macam facta je kot haha If you don't have pictures you can use mine :)

  12. @Sabrina, I didn't want to write that way but once I start I can't stop lol If there weren't anybody there I know, I would have left the second it was over.

    Yea kan, I really don't expect to be treated like royalty but the attention was misleading. It doesn't matter if you're a blogger or not, I know from experience in performing that you'll do what it takes to make the crowd happy and entertained. I've never seen people give priority to the performers more than audience, it's a live show not a recording camera.

    And you are right, I was actually hoping it'll be like the Guardian Makeover Party, lots of booths, tons of people, makeover if not a demo. If they do insist on cat walk, perhaps Yadah Mascots? I mean I thought that was what Yadah is about, the characters, it's a good opportunity to actually make them come alive. If they really want to show off the product, they can make a huge size of them out of cardboard, like the huge mascara on the Kiss Me event.

    Lol I better stop here before this turns into a post haha xD

  13. woah..i also thought it was a private event @_@

  14. tgk i punya posting psl yadah ni lagi merepek...mcm tak tahu nak tulis apa..buahahahahah..mine http://ayuarjuna.blogspot.com/2013/05/yadah-yadah-besday-bash.html


  15. i feel the same way too, but it was ok la. the paying part was funny but what to do right... hehe... i wanted the cupcakes actually but finish already... :( the sad part was suddenly there were a massive crowd berebut the cupcakes and goodies bag from the public. and suddenly the emcees start talking in Chinese, which i dont understand. i was hoping the emcees to ask me what is my favorite Yadah product because there is some product i really love to recommend. i regret wearing heel on that day! haha! sometime when im upset about how the event are handles, but what important to me is i get to meet my blogger friends! that what makes me happy and forget about what i regret! it was so nice meeting you guys! <3 <3 <3

  16. @Ayu, Hahaha merepek pun klakar jgk xD

    @Sabrina, I know what you're saying :) I'm happy meeting everyone there too and I got to finally meet you! Who care where and when right? Haha. It's not the the worst event, I think the missed a lot of opportunities to make it better. I'm not gonna say "I will never support Yadah again!" Lol that's ridiculous. I do hope they'll improve :)

  17. Sabrina:totally agree that meeting other blogger friends make us happy n forget bout how messy the event is! Happy to meet u in real! U look so pretty hehe.. And farisha next time we tk pic again ya...

  18. @Cindy, Yea more pictures next time! hehe :P

  19. Sincerely apologized for my poor hosting.. sorry for leading u guys into uncomfortable atmosphere.. and sorry bout the Chinese speaking part (cause i was told to speak Chinese to the @ddols.. they can't speak English)

    anyway still appreciate much for your attendance... both Yadah and me will work hard to improve in the future.. SORRY ONCE AGAIN T_T

    the poor MC

  20. Hi Christy, I hope my post did not offend you, I really don't enjoy giving a bad review :/

    It's a team effort and one way or another I still enjoyed the event :) I don't hate you guys, I still want to fall in love with your future events :D Thanks for trying your best and for being cool about this post :)

  21. i'm not offended at all.. cause i know that's the truth.. it's constructive review.. and i should have be more professional.. all the bloggers really help a lot cause you guys were so patient... wanted to chat with u guys but i have no time... maybe we will meet in some other events? haha

    i'm not from Yadah but please continue to support them.. they are working hard on building Yadah ^_^

  22. I'm glad you're alright with it :) Yea of course! I would love to meet you again in the future :D I do believe Yadah has a lot of potential, I'd still support them :)


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