Roller Coaster of Excitement! Unboxing Bag of Love Debut Bag

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hi everyone!

If you haven't heard already, there's a new beauty box (or in this case bag) in town! It is called the Bag of Love. The concept in delivering deluxe sample sizes beauty products are similar with the other beauty boxes, the special thing about this one in particular is that instead of a box, it comes in a cute little makeup bag!

Bag of Love Debut bag

I feel lucky to be able to subscribe for their debut bag. Based on the reviews I've read, beauty boxes debut bag will always be special ;) and I do feel special receiving this debut bag.

I have to say however, my excitement was crushed after receiving the package. The delivery service was terrible in terms of taking care of the "fragility" of the package.

The box is completely torned
Holding the unopened package, I was so scared the products inside might be ruined. You can see my reaction in the video above >.<

Luckily though, the products are in good condition :)

Bag of Love Debut Bag
Convenient combination
Cute selections 
Awesome Murad voucher and complimentary pass to see The Host!
Adorable details! It reflects the products in the bag. Please keep this up!
My disappointment in the delivery service was blown away by these amazing surprises! I was so relief to find nothing was broken, spilled or shattered. My excitement leaps over the moon seeing the contents of the bag.

Murad Vitalic Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser
150 ml, RM 148
Revlon Professional Color Sublime Treatment
200 ml, RM 88
Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EDT
50 ml, RM 248
Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation SPF20/PA++
10.5 g, RM 140
(case, RM 60, sold separately)
Definite Face Blending Brush (Full Size)
RM 98
I can definitely see the amount of effort and love they put in this debut bag. The bag itself is of good quality, plus the design is so cute and girly ;) I am also impressed with the variety of the products. A little bit for hair care, skin care, makeup, makeup brush and perfume. This actually helps them expand their target audience. I can see a lot of people would love this kind of combination. This is the kind of variety you would expect from a great beauty bag and I hope they will keep it up :)

There are 3 ways in my opinion that they can improve or work on to make the next subscription even more awesome. Even though the products was wrapped around by a bubble wrap, I think it's better to use a bubble wrap with ready slot and seal. That way, you wont accidentally drop a product while trying to take it out of the bag and in case the delivery service gets worse (oh god) the sealed bubble wrap would keep the products from wiggling away from the protection of the bubbles. The second thing is to include the descriptions of the products in the bag. The card included were only giving instructions on how to use the products (very useful of course) but a little more information wouldn't hurt ;) I think it would really help those who do their unboxing videos too. The last one, is that I really hope they change their courier service lol.

What I think they did an amazing job at and that I want them to keep it up is the lovely variety and cute designs that they cleverly put a lot of thought and effort into. I would also love to be surprised each time with different brands so I get to try out things that I never thought I would or never even heard of. That's the fun in trying out new things, you might ended up finding something you love!

Overall, I am excited to try these products. Good job Bag of Love! Thank you for the thought and love you put into this debut bag ;)

Bag of Love, RM 39.90

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  1. they should change the courier service. teruk sgtla~

  2. Yup I really hope they change it, this can really effect their business.

  3. alamak... menarik tertarik pulak..nak explore kejap.since i subscribe MIVVA until next may only, maybe i subscribe on the one hihi thanks for sharing

  4. ala... peninsular malaysia only rupanya. :(

  5. Oh yea? Peninsular saje? Mungkin sebab baru lagi, so only peninsular Malaysia :/


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