My First Affiliation with MrLens :)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hi everyone!

Have you considered affiliating with a brand or company and earn extra cash? Before I get into that, I just want to share something with you :)

If you love blogging as much as I do, a thought would always come to mind at one point or another, or perhaps the subject has been brought upon by someone else, 

"Should I make money out of blogging?"
"You know you can make some money out of it"

Some people have been pointing it out to me about this and I personally have thought about it. In all honesty, I just started this blog and I want to make as good of a first impression as possible. That means, diving into advertising in my "freshly new" blog would probably scare people away or worse, questioning the sincerity of my purpose for this blog. Yes, of course in the long run, I would love to earn extra pocket money doing the things I love but it would not be something I'd be depended upon. So I just want to clarify that I blog because I want to, because I love to share my thoughts and experiences, and perhaps in a way inspire others as well. 

In this post, I want to share about an affiliation I just discovered and why I choose to sign up for it.

MrLens Affiliation program

The first post I read about affiliation is from Tammy at about joining an affiliation with MrLens. It sounds interesting enough, especially about the Nikon CoolPix P300 lucky draw! O.O So, I just check it out. The affiliation is an interesting and convenient programme, especially for those who love contact lens.

First, let me go through the step-by-step process on how you can become an affiliate :)

Click here to register as a new affiliate
Fill in your details
You'll get an confirmation email after successfully applied
This is where you can check your earnings. Click on the Banners to choose and post a banner in your blog.
Copy the code
Add the HTML Gadget and paste the code.
And that's it :)

The reason I sign up for it is because I think it's one of the cheapest (if not THE cheapest) place to purchase your favorite contact lens.

Looking at the website at first, I wasn't that interested because I feel the MrLens website caters to only certain type of people. I conclude this based on my experience working at an optical shop before. The website is a little lacking in attraction in terms of products information based on pictures. In other words, they are lacking in pictures, but they do make it up in their facebook page (a little). Having said that, I think it would be suitable for customers who are already familiar with the contact lens brand, prices and their power (if they have any). Like myself, I know I love FreshLook Colorblends and Maxim contact lenses, so it is easier for me to make my selection. I have to rave about the prices though, especially on the FreshLook Colorblends, RM 39 is an INSANE price! The cheapest I have come across before is RM 45. Other than that, Maxim contact lenses are also worth checking out here, they are more affordable too!

So there you go, I sign up because of the prices they offer and I want to share that :) it's worth to just check it out and see if there's any brand you love.

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