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Friday, March 15, 2013

It's something I just can't wait to try out! I know I haven't reviewed the Mivva.com March box yet (that will happen soon!) I just can't wait for the review to try out the number76 voucher!

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I didn't have the chance to take a photo of it before handing it to the receptionist. It was kinda spontaneous, I didn't make an appointment. I just bring along the voucher just in case I had time to go, and I did, yeay! :D

I do apologize for not having any photos for the saloon or the stylist or anything! :( Like I said, it was last minute, everybody was busy and I was lucky they have one available spot opened. The problem at first was that only the style director was available, where the price is RM 98. Even after minus RM 20 from the voucher, RM 78 is still not cheap for me!

But I needed a hair cut so badly, and with the new semester starting, I won't really have the time to come again very soon. So, taking a deep breath, I agreed to go for it anyway.

Before anything, they asked you to fill in information about yourself, customer's records, that's normal. The saloon I went to was the one beside Mid Valley. I thought it was in Mid Valley but as it turns out, its at the North Point, not far from the KTM station. I can't say if the place is strategic, but it is in a quiet environment, making it a peaceful place. I'd say the size of the saloon is not too big and not too small, very comfortable and not cramped. The style director, Steve Koh asked me what I had in mind and what style I wanted. Honestly, I didn't know, I left it up to him to decide.

So, first step, wash your hair! Cherish (I hope that's her name >.< I'm so bad with names) was very nice and friendly, chatting with me while she washes my hair. She explains about the products and the concept of the saloon. For those who love Japanese look, you'll love this place for sure! I noticed everyone looking like they are from Japan. Cherish finishes with a shoulder massage, I can feel all the tension slipping away. I felt pampered already!

Since the saloon was quiet busy, I had to wait for awhile before my hair cut. After awhile, it's finally time for my hair cut. I explained a little about what I had in mind (having the time to finally think it through). I just wanted a natural and simple style, something easy to manage. He said he won't stray too far from my current style, just want to make it more lively and "fluffy" (as he said it).

The director looks young, like one of those Korean boy band with the baby face. I got a little suspicious, wondering if it is the real director who is cutting my hair. I found out he is Malaysian and only 25 years old! Wow, 25 and already a style director. I'm impressed! He is very nice and friendly too. I am cautious sometimes that I might annoy people with my questions, but he was very engaging and answered all my questions. He even taught me how to properly blow dry my hair and how to take care of it. I asked for simple and he showed me simple steps to "fluffier" hair.

Before they start blow drying my hair, Suki put some hair tonic on my scalp and she gave me a nice head and shoulder massage. My stressed muscles melted way.

Before. Sorry the quality is bad, it's only my phone camera
After. Can't really tell in the picture and my dress color doesn't exactly helped,
but  it is "fluffy" and has more volume.

When it's done, I do feel my hair lighter and more "airy" because of the layers. It's not the normal layers though, it's more like small sections layers. Lol, I'm sorry, I don't know how to explain it. Even though it's not far from my previous style, I still love it! I feel pampered and the service was excellent!

Upon payment, I received a member's card for points collection. They might have a minimum purchase to get the member's card, but I'm not sure. I forgot to ask haha. On top of that, I received another RM 20 voucher, because it was my first time there. Awesome! If I have the money, I would definitely go back haha, but the voucher expires in 3 months, so I got time :)

Overall, I am very satisfied. RM 98 (or in my case RM 78) is worth it. It's not something I can afford often but it's a nice treat for yourself once in awhile :)

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