Review: Uriage Hyseac Gentle Cleansing Gel

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hi everyone!

Skin care is something we ladies must pay extra attention to. It's part of the "prevention" in the oh so famous saying, "Prevention is better than cure". It's important to know what your skin needs.

I am in search of a good (if not great or perfect!) skin care products, one of them being a face cleanser. In the Mivva March Box Edition, a little treat I got was the Uriage Hyseac Gentle Cleansing Gel.

Here are the product claims & description from website:

Hyseac Cleansing Gel targets young people with the following skin types:Oily skin, enlarged pores, irregular skin texture, muddy, dull complexion, blackheads, red blemishes, acne-prone skin etc.  
Gently cleanses 
   Soap-free, gentle tensio-actives 
Cleanses and purifies 
   Piroctone Olamine 
Regulates sebum  
   Epilobium extract 
   Uriage Thermal Water 
Purified, Clean, Fresh Skin
  • Soap-free cleansing, high tolerance 
  • Rinses easily 
  • Pleasant to use (very pleasant foam and fragrance)
Combines Pleasure, Efficacy & Tolerance 
  • Morning and/or night
  • On wet face and/or body
  • Lather and rinse  

I have combination skin. I get oily on my forehead and sometimes dry skin around my mouth while my cheeks are normal. Knowing this cleanser is suited for combination-oily skin, I was very excited to try it out. So, have I found my perfect face cleanser? ;)

The first thing I noticed about this is the smell. Yes, it does have a slight fragrance, but nothing too strong or overwhelming, something you'll get used to. The smell actually reminds me of my grandma lol. But I'm not complaining, it kinda makes me feel closer to her :) 

The cleanser is clear and the consistency is a little runny. It is not that concentrated in my opinion. I try to use as little as necessary, but I tend to add on more as I don't feel a small amount is enough. How I apply is by pouring appropriate amount on wet hand and lather till it becomes foamy before spreading it on my face. This is the way I feel I can get more out of the product.

It is actually a very gentle cleansing gel (at least the most gentle one I've ever tried) and it's one of the reasons why I tend to feel that it is not enough. I always have to take extra time and massage my face a little harder than usual when I use it. I guess I need something a little stronger.

But the results are noticeable  My skin feels soft and clean. It works well in cleaning the oil residue left by my Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cleaning Oil. It also does not irritates my skin, pimples or eyes. Other than that, it does clean my face without striping away the moisture but only on areas of my face that tends to get oily. I do notice however, that it dries out my skin a little on the areas of my face that tends to get dry. Weird, or maybe just my skin. Besides that, it doesn't have that tight feeling after wash. It's funny how I think this cleansing gel would be great if I use it with a Clarasonic (which I do not own...yet haha).


  • Very gentle, good for sensitive skin.
  • Soap-free.
  • Cleans face without tightens skin.
  • Nice fragrance scent.
  • Might be drying for dry skin.
  • A little bit on the pricey range.
  • Scent might not be appealing to some.
I think it is a good product, especially if you have sensitive skin. I still have some left and I think I want to save it for times when my skin feels extra sensitive :) Would I purchase the full size cleanser? Yes I would, when I eventually have a Clairsonic of my own :D

Uriage Hyseac Cleansing Gel
Price RM 61.90 for 150 ml
Available at most drugstores

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  1. Hi, thank you very much for help. I am going to test that in the near future. Cheers

    Soap Free Cleanser

  2. Hi may I know if it help the acne and blemishes ? (: thanks

  3. Hi Lin Lin, I don't think it has ingredients that will help with acne and blemishes. Try Yadah Anti Trouble Bubble Cleanser, I use this when ever I have break outs and it works great :) but it's drying so keep that in mind ;)

  4. Is it available in Singapore? (: thanks so much for your info! ^^

  5. @Lin Lin, I'm not sure about that dear, sorry >.<


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