Heaven on Earth; My Massage Experience at Amante

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Hi my lovelies!

A few weeks ago I was invited to The Butterfly Project Massage Party at Amante. And I have to say, I had the best time there. I think it was the best event by The Butterfly Project. I have never felt so relaxed and calm in my life...Ok, I'm getting ahead, let's start at the beginning ;)

One of the best part is that I car pooled with another blogger, Bing Xin. It was nice not to go there alone, or got lost alone haha :P The party was held at Amante, Seri Petaling, their largest outlet. Bing Xin and I went for the afternoon session which was around 1:30 pm to 6 pm. We didn't get lost, too much haha, but thanks to her, we manage to find the place ^^

Amante, Seri Petaling 

Bing Xin, happily following the pink ribbons hehe
We were greeted by very pretty pink Amante balloons all the way up the stairs. It was such a nice welcoming. But the greetings were just getting started. As I entered the spa, I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful and lovely decoration. All done by the wonderful Ask Joey Party Planner. Take a look for yourself ^^

It was so lovely, I can't put my camera down! Even when they were calling me for my massage, I was like "Umm...it's ok, let others go first" and they called me like 3 times before I was finally ready xD Joey made the theme green and white, which I thought was very suitable. The way everything was organised gives off such a serene ambience. Not only that, because there were fewer bloggers in the afternoon session, I was told that the atmosphere was more calm and relax compared to the morning session. Nobody was in a hurry or was rushing here and there. It was the opposite to the Spa Party haha.

Amante was kind enough to provide us with light refreshments by Tiffani High Tea. They were delicious! I especially like the sandwich and the mini quiche. It was such a nice feeling to be sipping a cup of tea with delicious pastries on a comfortable couch with very lovely company *day dreaming of that moment*

After that, I was ready for my massage and just waited until they called. The massage rooms are a floor up and I smiled as I was welcomed once again by another lovely decoration by Joey.

Just when I thought the previous floor was relaxing, this one on the other hand I can imagine myself sleeping here or even hibernating lol. The light was dimmer and soft music was playing, my stress has already began to melt away.

The hot stones
We were given the choice between an Aromatherapy or Hot Stone massage. I choose Aromatherapy massage. The masseuse was very kind and attentive and the massage was heavenly. It was only a trial massage for about 20 mins, I was sad that it was almost over, when the masseuse asked if I wanted the Hot Stone massage. Turns out, they were not that many people and they were not busy so they had time to spare to give the bloggers there 2 massages. I was like "hell ya!" haha.

I honestly thought that all they do is put the stone on you and leave it. So I was surprised when she was massaging me I felt such a nice and warm sensation. She was massaging me with the hot stone! And it was not rough at all. It glides smoothly and it felt so nice. I really wished it would just kept on going and I swear if it were to last a little while longer, I would fallen into a state of deep sleep. No amount of earth quake could have woken me up haha.

After my massage, I had my manicure. I tried the OPI liquid sand nail polish, which is surprisingly easier to remove than glitter nail polish. While I was doing my manicure, Tammy-san commented that my face doesn't look stressed anymore. Lol I never knew I had such a stressful face. Or my face was just so high after the massage haha.

The Mani Pedi dreamy booths
Bing Xin doing her manicure too
After that, I dig in to the delicious dessert prepared by Joey hehe.

I met some lovely bloggers there, just didn't think to take much pictures -.-" Or I was just too high to actually think about anything! Literally it was like throwing all my worries out the window. Lucky I can find my way back home haha.

Me and the lovely Lucinda
Me, the most awesome party planner, Joey and the mamasan Tammy
There was one other collaborator to this party and it was Photobooth Malaysia. The afternoon session didn't really have the chance to take photos with them (or I was too busy taking pictures of my own haha) as they had to leave early. So, I can't really say much about them. But if I have to compare to the only other photobooth/box I have experience, I prefer the fotobox better, since it can email the soft copy to me straight away haha.

Overall, I was very high happy to be able to get pampered. If I have the opportunity in the future I would definitely go back to Amante for that Hot Stone massage. Thank you to The Butterfly Project, Amante, Ask Joey and Photobooth Malaysia.

For more in formation, please visit their facebook page :)

The Butterfly Project


Ask Joey The Sweetest Party Planner

Photobooth Malaysia

Thank you for reading lovelies! See you in my next post :)

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  1. i also (at first) thought that they'll just leave the stone on my back XD the hot stone massage is indeed a very relaxing experience kan? and 20 minutes passed so quick (T_T)

  2. @Mieza, I know! it ended too quickly huhu. Really want to try it again when I have the chance :D

  3. We give the "starter" so you want the "main course" hebat tak? hahaha!!!

    Nala-san, thank you for the lovely post and for car pooling with Bing Xin. She's such a shy girl teeheee!! The review treat that I gave you & Mieza, hope you girls go enjoy the full session at Amante. It expires in Sept ^_^

  4. I love the video! Lovely blog post. Thanks dear :)

  5. @Tammy, Haha it's definitely a nice "teaser" xD

    I'm planing to use it this september, since it's my birthday month :P

  6. @Ask Joey, Thank you Joey, no problem! :D Really love your deco <3

  7. nice blog!! i am following!!

  8. @Fatma, thank you! I followed you a while back and I love your blog too! :D


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