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Friday, August 02, 2013

Hi everyone!

I have a lot of news to share that I am so excited about! Lets just jump right into it :D

The first thing is that I am an OnlyBeauty Official Blogger! I can't believe it :D *Jumps over the moon* and we already started on our first event, which will be up in a few days ;) Yeay! Thank you OnlyBeauty for this opportunity, I am very grateful. *speechless*

Here's a lil fact about OnlyBeauty :)

OnlyBeauty is a new concept of online communication portal that believes in bringing 'Beauty' to everyone using new interactive method. We delivered freebies & discounted voucher to our members' doorstep, we provide latest beauty products information, views and promotion news, we do organized contest & product events for our beloved members. 

The next thing is that I have finally decided to create a Facebook Page for my blog! I have a few small updates here and again and it didn't seem worth to blog about it. It is so much easier to share on my Facebook page about it, like, exciting news, pictures to share etc. So, if you guys can, it mean so much if you can show your love by liking my page ^^

It's easy, just click on the like button at the side bar of this blog :D

The third thing is that I'm entering My Beauty Diary Eye Mask Contest! Can you pweeetttyyy pweeeaseee (pretty please haha) show some love by going to this link (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=301993319946907&set=a.301993276613578.1073741827.165137793632461&type=3&theaterand like my picture? It would mean the world to me! The voting ends on the 10th August 2013 :)

My entry picture. Click here to like!

And lastly, me and a few friends of mine are doing a little surprise! If all goes well you can see it up very soon too! Here's a little sneak peak of what's coming :D

Thanks again for all your love and support. I deeply appreciate them. See you all on my next post <3

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  1. Dah like long time ago babe! SUPPORT! <3

  2. Hehe, Thank you so much Charmaine <3

  3. Hi hun :) I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Details on my blog


  4. I thought I liked your page already. Zzz. Just did. Liked your mask entry too :)

  5. @Maryam, wow I've heard about Liebster Award but never really knew what it was. I will definitely check it out. Thanks hun! :D

    @Sabrina, hehe thanks for your support babe <3


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