Review: Jelly Pong Pong Irish Cream Pavlova Lip Frosting

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hi everyone!

Ever wanted a delicious dessert on your lips? Hehe. That's the first thing that comes to my mind when I see this Jelly Pong Pong Irish Cream Pavlova Lip Frosting.

Before I get on to the review, here's a little description about the product :)

Formulated to coat your lips with a glossy sheen all day long. Generously packed in a fat tube, it comes in a sheer cherry colour and is scented like a scrumptious dessert.

Contains bonus ingredients such as: 
  • Grapeseed Oil to keep lips moisturized, 
  • Aloe Vera Extract for healing and anti inflammatory properties, 
  • Beeswax to act as an antiseptic emolient and softening agent, 
  • Vitamin E to promote healing and prevents signs of aging.

I was very excited to try this because I read good reviews about it. The first thing I noticed when I open the box is the delicious smell. I don't know what irish cream pavlova smells like but this one smells tasty! That got me thinking, how come I can already smell it without opening the tube? To my surprised the product leaked out and made the whole tube sticky :( Not the best first impression.

You can see that the tube itself is stain from the lip frost and I was afraid it might be very messy to handle. After wiping it, I squeezed the tube and the pinkish oil comes out first than the actual lip frost, even after I shake it. By this point I honestly didn't think I would like it.

But I'm still curious on how it would work.

I really like how it swatched on my hand, the color is very pretty. And here's a before and after picture using this lip frost.

Surprisingly it comes off more cherry like color than peach. The gold shimmer is not noticeable from a far but you can see it up close.

The lip frost remains sticky but not overly so and it will eventually fade after meals and drinks but the color is still there, not as pigmented as first applied but still there. I was surprised that the glossyness lasted as long as I don't eat or drink anything. And the lip frost turned into a lip stain. The best part about it is that it's not drying ^^

Other than that, the color doesn't transfer once it's set, the gloss transfer but the color didn't. The color is a bit too dark for a "natural" look. It's perfect for the day when you just want a pop of color but too lazy to do your makeup haha.

Here's the list of ingredients and extra functions and benefits:

I do like the fact that it has UV filters and is cruelty-free.

Overall, I like this lip frosting a lot. I love the smell. I would use it on lazy days haha. But I'm not sure if I'll bring it for travel, I'm scared it might leak again >.< It is a unique product, but for the price of RM 60, it's not that affordable. It might be if you can get it on sale or a good deal :)

Thanks to Mabel and HiShop for the lip frosting. Do check out this link for more info on the product.

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