SPARTY! The ButterFly Project Spa Party Entry!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Did you know that an awesome party is coming up this 29th June 2013? It is organized by none other than the amazing Tammy Lim from The ButterFly Project! It's wait for it... A SPA PARTY!!! Wohoo! It's a SPARTY!

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! *Screams!*

Watch my entry video and get crazy with me! xD

Are you excited yet?! This post will be a summary of my video entry :D

So why is this Spa Party is so awesome? Well, Lets check out the collaborators shall we? ;D

Are you screaming yet? haha xD 

So here are the 3 reasons why I would not miss this SPARTY!

1) I Seriously Need to De-stress Myself!
With my semester coming to an end, assignments due dates are getting closer and we have test and final! T_T My body do not handle stress very well. Because of freakin stress, I have serious hair fall issue, breakouts and I turn to comfort food just to cope with it. Relaxing while having a mani padi with a mask, ohhh yea, that is the type of stress reliever I'm talking about.

2) Ain't No Party Like A ButterFly Party!
If possible, I would not pass on the chance to attend any of The ButterFly Project's party. After my experience with them, and getting to know Tammy and The S.W.A.T team, I know that even though it's a volunteer community, they are very passionate and serious about what they do. And I believe in them :) So I trust their party is going to be AWESOME!

3) To Share The Experience with 49 Bloggers/Vloggers!
I don't go to spa as often as I would like to and mainly because I don't have anyone to go there with T_T Everybody seems to be very busy and we are never free at the same time. So, with this SPARTY I have 49 other reasons to go :)

So that is my summary of why I would not miss this SPARTY. I elaborated everything in the video xD

If you have not entered yet please hurry and do so now! Only a couple of hours left! >.< Click here to enter :D

Hopefully I get to see the friends I've met before and new friends as well. Good Luck Everyone!

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  1. this is just so cray cray! love the video! <3

  2. @Sabrina, Lol Thanks! Hopefully we can be crazy together at the party! >.<


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