5 Year Birthday Bash!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hi everyone!

Tammy Lim from is celebrating her 5 year blogaversary (blog that a word? LOL) at TGV 1Utama this 22nd June 2013! It's an instagram contest and it will end very very soon so if you guys wanna join in, click here to enter! 

It's gonna be an amazing birthday bash, coz the cinema is the TGV Beanieplex! Yes! You watch the movie sitting on cozzy bean bags! And we'll be watching Man of Steel :D

So, me and some of my furry friends want to show her our party face and wish her a Happy Birthday!

BOOM! And here is my Party Face! Haha xD

Excited, overjoyed and ready to party! xD
Who else is excited to go? Hurry and enter so I can share this first time experience with you guys! :D

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  1. so cute pics :D hehe.. so nice to see you there. :D

    come join my giveaway at
    yeah two giveaways going on. :D

    by the way already GFC following your blog :D
    hope you follow me.

  2. whats the furry friends called? hehe.. beside their name.. hm.. x tupai right?

  3. @Sherry, I already follow one of your blogs, "whateverygalwant" I just found out you have so many blogs! xD I don't how you do it but keep it up! :D It was nice to meet you ^^ and thanks for following!

    No they are not tupai, they are Sugar Gliders ^^ and I have a total of 9! xDDD The one in the pictures; the mommy is name Chipsmore, and the two little ones are the new joeys (baby sugar gliders), the boy is Camior and the girl is Caramel ^^


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