Feel Good Monday #1

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Seems like I'm in a mood to start a lot of blogpost series. Why not? It keeps things interesting and a really helpful way if you ran out of topic or ideas for your blog! (Don't fret, I actually have a lot of ideas and this happens to be one of them ^-^) Okay, so what is Feel Good Monday? Honestly it can be any day of the week but I choose Monday to inspire others to fight the Monday Blues. Here is the place where I can share anything that I think can help others feel motivated and happy to start off with their week like tips, funny videos, quotes, pictures etc. I would also like to know what are your tips & tricks to stay inspired and motivated through out the week! So without further ado, let's get started :)

I find that music is always one of the best ways to feel good (or trick yourself into feeling good) and to kick start your day. What I have been listening to every day is the song "Ain't it Fun" by Paramore. The song itself is very catchy and the lyrics hilarious! But sometimes when I really listen to the lyrics I feel like it's so sarcastic or in Malay language "perli". I feel that sometimes this song is "perli-ing" me just because I recently graduated and about to work very soon haha. So if my life have a theme song, this would be it.

Another thing I like to do to get some laughs is to watch funny videos. And one of the most effective comedy theme videos is the art of stating the obvious in an exaggerated manner. I recently came across this YouTuber named Natalie who makes one of the most hilarious videos I have ever seen. All of her topics are normal everyday things that we all go through but she has a very good way of expressing them that would just tickle your funny bone. Her YouTube channel is called communitychannel and below is one of my favourite videos from her.

Feeling better yet? I do hope this has brighten up your day even just a little bit. Have a good day and I hope you all have a great week! What are your tips & tricks to fight the Monday Blues?, let me know in the comments below!

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