Omorose Window To The Soul Paper Lashes in Poinsettia Review

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Today will be a quick review on the Omorose Window To The Soul Paper Lashes in Poinsettia. I used this paper lashes on my recent Fairy Forest Inspired Makeup tutorial which you can watch it here. I was excited when I heard that paper lashes are available in Malaysia. Ever since Hunger Games came out, many people love to recreate the Effie or Catnis paper butterfly lashes look and I have been keeping an eye out for them lashes. So of course I was jumping with joy to get my hands on these babies. So let's get to the review.

I have to agree when people say that paper lashes are delicate and fragile. Yes, they are so. I accidentally torn all the edges of the band just to get it out of the glue packaging. At first I used my fingers, then I tried using tweezers, the results are the same. I figured they have to be torn anyway, so it is a good thing they made the band very long. It will definitely take some time to get the hang of it. Whatever you know about applying false lashes, you have to do that with only 25% of your normal speed, or even less! It takes patience but once you get the hang of it, you will see beautiful results. This is something I wouldn't recommend for someone who is a beginner and is new to makeup or false lashes.

It wears nicely as well. I think no mater how long the lashes are it will not be as heavy as regular false lashes. It feels so light and I actually enjoy batting my lashes haha. Somehow it makes me feel all flirty ;D As for it's usage frequency, I don't think you can wear this more than once, twice tops, if you are very careful in removing the lashes. This is because you can't wash these lashes, that means if you cry wearing this lashes, I don't think it will hold it's shape anymore.

For RM 50 per pair I think it's a reasonable price. The design is very beautiful and detailed. I didn't noticed it was a Christmas design, I thought it was leafs. But hey, this would make a good look for a Christmas party. And it feels very comfortable on the eyes. Besides, this is not to be worn on a daily basis (unless you're from the Capitol!) only on special occasions so it won't break your bank too much.

Have you tried paper lashes before? If yes, what look did you do? And if not, what look you would want to do if you have paper lashes? Let me know in the comments below!

Name: Omorose Window To The Soul Paper Lashes in Poinsettia
Price: RM 50
*Disclaimer - This products were send to me for review purposes. This doesn't effect my judgements. These are my honest opinion.

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