Timeless Truth Mask Review Party? Oh Yes Please!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hi everyone!

So last month Tammy Lim from plusizekitten.com and The Butterfly Project did the Biggest Mask Review Party with a side of a special Easter surprise giveaway! All thanks to Timeless Truth Mask Malaysia *hugies!*(suddenly straight to the point intro haha :D)

So, TT Mask spread its wings this month to get as many people as possible to enjoy their mask, either in the giveaway or beauty boxes. If you're one of the lucky ones in the giveaway or received their masks in your beauty boxes, please share your review link in comments section!

Photo from TT Mask Malaysia

This gets everyone all hyped and excited about their masks, especially for the first-timers to try the products. And like I always say, you can't go wrong with mask! I'm grateful to be one of the lucky ones chosen to review the masks :) Thank you Tammy and TT Mask Malaysia! Now let's get the party started!

The first giveaway was the TT Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask. 100 plusizekitten.com readers received this snow in a packet :D

Photo from plusizekitten.com
Snow Flake Design, reflects well on its function :)
It is perfect for our hot Malaysia weather *sweat*. Although lately it has been raining a lot.

The essence is clear like most masks essence and the mask sheet has a protective plastic film, I think it's to make it easier to open the mask without accidentally tearing it. It is easy to tear coz I accidentally teared it a little at the side LOL.

Layer of plastic film
Not the best fit for my face but it's still wearable :)
It is also not the best fit for my face, but the effects is still there. It is by far the most cooling thing I have ever put on my face! It felt so good that I didn't remember to remove it until it dried around the edges of the masks >.< (don't know if it's a good idea to leave the mask on that long :P) It kept my face cool for a while. It was a little difficult to fall asleep after coz it made me energised. 

Sorry the camera couldn't pick up the effect, night time low lighting >.<
I was shocked when I saw myself in the mirror right after taking off the mask, my skin looks so bright! Especially around my cheek and jaw area. Usually with brightening products, the results are not that visible immediately but this one, WOW! It is instantaneous!  Now I know Snow White's secret *wink wink* I recommend using it on the hottest time of the day. You will feel so refreshed and energised, you will be ready to continue on facing the rest of the day :) If only I could slap it on my face while going around campus. It's so hot there my road tax sticker falls off the windscreen countless times!

The second giveaway was even bigger! It was the Special Easter Surprise giveaway. 200 plusizekitten.com readers were selected to win either TT Swallow's Nest or Q10 Caviar Mask! I got the TT Swallow's Nest Flawless Whitening Mask :)

Photo from plusizekitten.com
TT Swallow's Nest Flawless Whitening Mask
I love the design! And the instructions are on the back :)
This one didn't have the plastic film, but the mask is tough. It's one of their V-shape Temptation Masks. I don't think there should be any problem with stretching it out to your ears. The design of the mask is to help with firming the face, especially at the jaw area for the V-shape effect :) I feel that it snugs and fits comfortably except around my eyes. My eyes feel a little uncomfortable with the essence, so do be careful when using it round such delicate area. Even though it stretches well, it started to feel uncomfortable after awhile.

Stretches well but gets uncomfortable if worn too long.
It covers to under your chin
My skin does feel smooth after wearing the mask and it has a slight brightening effect too but not as much as the Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask :P I do feel my face was a little firmer and I think with constant use it can really help with getting the V-shape effect. It has a slight scent too but not that strong or lingering. After removing the mask I used the remaining essence on my face and neck. It absorbs on the skin pretty fast and my face do feel moisturise. After that I use my moisturizer to seal and lock in the moisture :)

Always happy after mask time :D
Overall, I love the Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask better than The Swallow's Nest Flawless Whitening Mask. I'm not saying the second one is bad but it's not the function I'm looking for. And I don't really prefer the V-shape mask designs, the normal ones are already good enough for me :)

I'm happy to be able to try on these masks and if you received them too don't forget to review it before the end of April. If you have time, come and show some love to TT Mask Malaysia at the International Beauty Expo this 18-21st May at KL Convention Centre. They are also doing a 20% discount on selected TT Mask masks at their retail partner, MaskSlim.

The TT Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask retails for RM 8, while the TT Swallow's Nest Flawless Whitening Mask retails for RM 10.

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