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Friday, May 01, 2015

Hi Everyone! Wow it's been awhile since I've blog. Apologies, I'm working on so many projects now and it's taking all of my time. If you follow my social media, you'll know what I've been up to :D Today I want to share my experience with Citicars. 

I was approached to try their services and even though I don't know much about cars, I was excited to give it a try since my car was in dire need of servicing. Plus, when I looked up the place, their branches are actually located at popular malls, meaning you can have your car service while in a mall. I love the idea, I think the concept is so cool. I couldn't believe there's such thing, I assumed car servicing places are suppose to be, well, huge and wouldn't be able to have a location especially in malls or in malls' car park. If I didn't go there myself, I wouldn't believe it. 

Before we drive in to the review (pun intended) here's a little bit about Citicars: 

"CITICARS is a first of its kind Malaysian origin new concept of lifestyle vehicle service, tyre and repair centre where we bring the “need” of the consumer to a shopping mall’s car park! Just send in your car for service, go shopping, dine, go for a movie, buy your groceries or simply enjoy quality time spent with loved ones in the shopping mall and conveniently drive home safely in your fully serviced and reliable vehicle." 

I went to the branch at Gardens Mall next to Mid Valley. And if you're like me, you don't know much about cars, I suggest you bring a person who does, a brother, your dad, husband, boyfriend, who ever. That was my mistake thinking I can go there alone. If I didn't a lot of drama could have been avoided. Personally, I have mixed feelings about my experience there. Let's start from the beginning. This was what they offered:

Citicars Montez Semi Package Value Worth RM198 

- Montez SR3 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil 
- Original Oil Filter 
- Anti-rust 
- Air Filter Cleaning Service 
- Windshield Washer Top-Up 
- Citicars Signature 26 Inspection Points Check 
- Vehicle Diagnosis 
- Citicars Service History Booklet 
- Labour 

It's more or less just a check up. And as I mentioned earlier, my car was in dire need of service. So after an inspection, they told me there were a couple of things my car needed. I didn't know what it was even though they explained it, I couldn't explained it back. What I like about this type of service is that they showed me what they found, what they said needed change/fix etc. I didn't get this first hand experience with my usual servicing place, which was at Perodua service centre. Usually they just said what they'll be doing on paper and I don't know exactly what it is. But here, they really show me the parts that they are checking. They even changed my brake pads and showed me the difference between the new one and the old one, which I appreciate.

But all the other things they mentioned like throttle body service, ATF, brake and power steering service, I wasn't sure whether they were necessary. So I called my dad and brother and gave them the quotation. It wasn't too bad, slightly higher than what I usually pay at Perodua because of the extra services. My dad and my brother said it was ok, so I told them ok. Then I went to Mid Valley and just walked about to buy time. My dad arrived at Mid Valley a little after that. He just came back from work and we were going back home together. Then we went back to Citicars and they final quotation came. My dad flipped out. It came much higher than I was originally told. And my dad felt cheated. I felt so bad. I should have picked a time where my dad can at least come and be explained to like I was, then he can decide if we didn't need any of the services. I have to admit, they were excited to have me there and telling me there are a lot to change and service with my car. I worked for sales, so I know when you want business but I can't fully judge since like I said, I didn't know anything about cars. But we paid anyway and I won't go into service without my dad anymore, since he's the one paying :( 

So, here's my advice, if you're like me, please bring along someone who knows about cars with you during servicing. I don't think they cheated, but I also think they took a slight advantage of my lack of knowledge about cars. So to avoid any drama, bring someone along with you. I'll give you their price so you can compare it to other servicing centres. These are only some of the things I did for my car, I'm not going to list them all, some are just car parts I left out like bulbs etc.

Perodua ATF D111 - RM 84 two units 

Viva front brake pad - RM 122.50 per set 

Brake service package RM 138 1L 

- 114 Montez dot 4 brake fluid 1L 
- Brake fluid flushing 
- Labour charge 
- Vacuum fluid 

Power steering service package 2L RM 138 

- 116 Montez power steering fluid 1L 
- Flushing 
- Labour charge 
- Vacuum fluid 

Throttle body service package RM 168 
- Gasket paper & selection 
- Throttle body service & tuning engine 
- Vehicle diagnosis 

The total price that was quoted to us was RM779.50, while I usually just paid around RM 200 - 300 at a Perodua service centre. Granted at Perodua they probably didn't do all the services I stated above before. But I still didn't expect that it would be double the amount. Neither did my dad, that's why he was angry. 

So I review this service with a mix feeling. I'm not saying it's bad, I'm saying just bring someone with you. I can't emphasis that any harder! 

If you are curious about this, and are thinking of checking out the place, Citicars gave me a promo code for all my readers. It's for their *With purchase of 1 tyre or 1 service package 

*With purchase of 1 tyre or 1 service package 

- Free Tyre Alignment 
- Free Tyre Balancing 
- Free Nitrogen Air 

Value Worth = RM120 

Bloggers Promo Code: nala020 

Just use the code above to get the promotion. Call first to make an appointment, because not all of their outlets have this service. 

Here are the list of their outlets: 
1. Sunway Pyramid - Entry A or C, Level B1, Pillar R14 | 03-5611 0398 
2. The Gardens Mall - Zone B, Level P2, Pillar B60A | 03-2282 1266 
3. Paradigm Mall - Entry A or B, Basement 1, Next to Pillar P13 | 03-7886 7960 
4. Empire Shopping Gallery Subang - Entry A or B, Basement 2 | 03-5612 0092 
5. Johor Bahru City Square (Opening in May 2015) 
6. DPulze Shopping Centre @ Cyberjaya (Opening in May 2015) 

Citicars website: 

I hope your experience will be better than mine. Let me know if you have been to Citicars before and share your experience in the comment section below. Thanks for reading my review :)

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