Yadah Spring Festival Party with The Butterfly Project

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Hi everyone!

What a great way to start off the New Year than to have a Spring Festival Party? A few weeks ago The Butterfly Project Malaysia had an early Chinese New Year Celebration with Yadah. This collaboration is to start the new year together with Yadah new products. And it wouldn't be a CNY celebration without a dash or red ;)

The event took place at Little Wonton TTDI. The place was fully decorated with Yadah products for all the bloggers to test and play around with. Play around with makeup? Who wouldn't love that! The event started of with introducing Yadah from Korea as a brand that uses minimal chemical compound in their products. Yadah products are free from 8 harmful chemical ingredients which are paraben, benzophenone, talc, mineral oil, sulfate surfactant, propylene glycol, tar colorant and triethanolamine. Interesting right? Yadah's key ingredient is the Opuntia Ficus, a cactus that has a strong anti-inflammantory and high potent anti-oxidant properties with natural hydrating benefits.

After that, Yadah introduces their new products; High-Lash Mascara, Bloom Mascara and Oh My Sunblock. This is the fun part where we get to test the products ourselves. There were 3 test in total. The first test was the sunblock test. Each table were given 3 different samples of sunblock (A, B, C) for us to compare. My first impression was that sunblock A and C had a very strong zinc oxide smell, and their texture was very sticky. Sunblock B on the other hand, felt light weight and has a citrus smell, which was quiet nice. Majority likes sunblock B and it was actually the new Yadah Oh My Sunblock SPF 35 PA++! They didn't reveal the name of the other sunblock though haha. The second test was the makeup remover test. We swatched/drew with eyeliners at the back of our hand then with one pump of Yadah's Bubble Deep Cleanser, we rubbed on the eyeliner to see how well it comes of. After less than a minute, we wiped the cleanser off with a tissue and it completely removed the makeup! I was surprised since it is a gentle cleanser. And the final test was the lip balm test, to shoe how well Yadah's Lip Tint Balm lasting power. 2 volunteers were chosen for the demonstration. They wore the lip balm, wait 15 secs to let it set and try to finish a bowl of noodle in less than 15 seconds! It was so much fun as we cheered on for them. After they were done, without wiping their lips, the color of the lip balm was still visible! Impressive :)

After all the fun, it was time to dig in to some delicious food. The Little Wonton served 2 kinds of noodle that day, they were Spicy Thai and Vinegar with sausage and mushroom wonton. Yummy! After that was the photo session haha. To end the perfect event, we all posed to Utusan Melayu as they were covering the event that day, and we got to be in the newspaper, sweet!

Have a Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

For more information you can visit:

Yadah FB page: https://www.facebook.com/YadahMalaysia
The Butterfly Project FB page: https://www.facebook.com/ButterflyProjectMalaysia

Yadah products are available at selected SaSa outlets.

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